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  1. I have a LeapMotion controller stuck on the front of a G2. When I run the LeapMotion app, (using the Gemini drivers), hand tracking is nearly perfect. However when I start DCS, the hands that appear are very poorly tracked in comparison. The pimax has the newer wide FOV hardware so it could be better, but it seems the trouble does not lie in hardware but steam driver or refresh rate or something like that.
  2. After the recent updates, my hands work in DCS. They are however rather useless as the tracking just isn't there...
  3. I had a 3080 early on just as 6900XT was announced and I returned the 3080 without trying it as I haven't had the headset yet. My feeling is the 6900xt can be pushed much further eventually.
  4. I'm trying it now. In the video examples you can see the hands, but not the controllers. I can see either hands + controllers in SteamVR (hands move fine, controllers very bad), or controllers alone (super bad). What do I do to see hands only? It seems like hands only could actually be useful.
  5. Note that LeapMotion released new generation of drivers this winter that made tracking pretty much perfect as far as I can see. (In their app, I suspect it might have broken the steamvr interface somehow..)
  6. Good point. I didn't think about other post processing. I do have MSAA turned on because I have pretty terrible jagginess on other airplanes sitting on the ramp in most cases. Not investing 100% effort into it, VR optimization seems to be not that easy...
  7. At least with the G2 and F14 I feel looking back is very natural so personally I don't need one. I haven't spent much time in DCS in VR but I do wonder whether I should be worried about twisting my head in a certain way so that I don't cause neck strain, perhaps you guys with neck injuries know. I would get stiff back when playing with TrackIR for extended time, I guess due to the fact that I needed to make very accurate head movements? VR might actually be better for the neck than TrackIR for me.
  8. What I see is that comparing 1.0 PD / 100% and 0.5 PD / 500% on the G2 I get what appears to be a much worse quality (but faster) image on the 0.5/500%. Unless the scaling for distortion is a function of presented resolution (which I imagine it isn't?), more pixels should be rendered at 0.5PD/500% so this doesn't really make sense to me.
  9. Oh, thanks. I assumed it wasn't (having only flown the pilotless F14).
  10. Well maybe that explains why havok sees hands and I see a controller connected to a fixed hand? It feels I'm doing something wrong. There are different controllers that can be set in the leap driver, but I don't really want any controller I guess.
  11. I would also enjoy it if the kneeboard was on the flightsuit...
  12. For me the tracking in leap is practically flawless with the new Gemini drivers, but the tracking in steamvr is horrible and instead of hands it shows the emulated controllers. I have not tried DCLeap yet but it seems so close - if I had what I see in leap in steam, I think it could just work.
  13. Is there any effect on the FOV? I'm asking because I believe the FOV with glasses on is slightly larger than without glasses for me (they are relatively weak, -2.25, -1.5).
  14. I ordered a sapphire 6900 and it's saying "Expected tomorrow". I believe it when it arrives because it seems like I would be among the first people to receive a custom 6900 if that's true.
  15. Are you referring to JayRoc's tests? Those shouldn't be CPU bottlenecked at all having a 5900/5600 processor.
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