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  1. Cool! I was always looking for a picture that showed the placement of the stick in relationship to the seat/pilot. If they have placed their TM sticks at the correct position, then mine isn't actually too far off.
  2. Thank you so much for the mission link! Cheers, Emacs
  3. Hi there, does anyone have a mission for the A-10C-II to train inflight refueling? I tried to make one, but the tanker never turns on TACAN and never shows up on my radio menu. Did set the actions as seen in some youtube videos, but I can‘t get it working. After about 7 unsuccessful attempts, I thought, I’ll ask here. Cheers, Emacs
  4. Thank you so much ! Button 5 was indeed assigned in the „UI Layer“ to some VR function. By accident I guess. Works now as advertised :) Cheers, Emacs
  5. Hi there, I‘m using a TM Warthog Hotas with TPR rudder and TrackIR 5. The whole setup works like a charm for all DCS planes I own. When the A-10-II arrived, they mappings were a mess, so I removed all Hotas buttons and axis and re-assigned them. That worked fine except for one thing: I can assign the Master Mode toggle function to the TM joystick button 5 - which is where it should be. Assigning it in the controls settings works fine, button 5 is recognized when I press the button. But in-game button 5 doesn‘t do anything. It‘s not switching the master mode. When I go back to settings
  6. Did you drop a fuel tank prior to the bombing run? It happens all the time to me that I don't flip that jettison switch back to its center position. As long as the jettison switch is in the up position, the pickle on the stick is not going to drop any stores.
  7. Hi there, so far I have done only rather simple things in the Mission Editor. Now I'm working on a mission with the new Siria map. You start at Incirlik Air Base during sunrise. A number of coalition aircraft are taking off too. For example you can follow a pair of GAF Tornados doing a recce run over Aleppo. So far I got most things figured out, but I cannot find a way to make the AI Tornados turn on their exterior lights while taxiing (it is still pretty dark during sunrise). Is there any trigger/command for AI to turn on/off exterior lights? And while we're at it: is there suppo
  8. Thank you all for your replies! I have read/studied most of the guides for the F-5. The DCS handbook, Chuck‘s guide, a version of the original Air Force handbook and even the Official non-nuclear weapons delivery manual for the F5. The mind is willing... but the flesh is weak... Observing my approaches I have to admit currently I‘m still just overwhelmed with getting all the parameters in line in this short timeframe. Keeping one eye on the pipper to align it with the - hard to see - target and have another eye on the speed indicator and attitude indicator, gives me some headache. I
  9. Hi there, just wenting off some frustration - move a long if you don't want share my grief :) I'm flying the F5 for maybe three weeks now. I'm familiar with most systems (radar not yet) and can do a cold start without thinking about it by now. Every night I hop onto a multiplayer server, load up my F5 with some ordonace, cold start, taxi out, take off, fence in, evade some AAA and an occasional SAM (well, most times anyways). And then come the five seconds where I'm usually still in range of AAA and IR SAMs and I try to drop some bombs (Mk.82, 83, 84) on a group of self-propelled a
  10. Looking forward to this! Very much so!
  11. Never mind. Found it. It's in the "UI Layer" part of the DCS key bindings. Cheers, Emacs
  12. I would like to map VR ZOOM to my Hotas - but I cannot find a way to do it. Should I have a VR Zoom key binding in DCS? Or is this something hidden in the Oculus software? Cheers, Emacs
  13. Uh.. learned something else this Sunday morning... Don‘t even think of a VR session when hung over! Must remember that... Cheers, Emacs
  14. Hi there, I uninstalled the Oculus software, uninstalled Oculus Tray tool. Switched off hyperthreading for my i9 9900k in the BIOS and overclocked it to 5Ghz. A couple of reboots later to ensure that everything was clean and stable, I re-installed the Oculus software. No OTT this time. In DCS I selected the default VR preset (not pretty) and started with a PD=1.0 to see if there is a change. Boom - solid 72fps in most areas. In crowded areas the AWS falls back to 32 - as it should. Very, very nice! VR with 72 fps blows me away. No more vertigo or motion sickness. Everything is silk
  15. The USB3 cable arrived and tested good. Now suddenly I have another issue. My in game fps are stuck at 24fps. No matter what I do. Only 24fps but rock solid. I've opened another thread for that. Don't want to hijack this one for all my problems. Cheers, Emacs
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