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  1. I just hope ED doesn't decide to stop EA because of the wide misconception of what "early access" actually means, and the abuse they take because of that (Hornet being a great example). Of course, I don't blame people for the misunderstanding, I blame the practices of the "video game" industry. DCS does not fit within that category and should be viewed from an entirely different angle, but that's another losing battle with most end users.
  2. I think it's going to be a matter of level of detail. "AI" is bad nomenclature for air crew, as they don't actually "machine learn" anything... but I guess this is an industry wide incorrect reference. I work with AI and BI systems for a living and I could see some real use for AI in crew operations in DCS, but I don't think it will start that way. I think they'll start with "explicit" commands rather than "implicit", meaning you tell the crewman precisely what you want done instead of inferring what you want done and letting him decide how to do it. In Arma3 back in the day I was able to
  3. I've resolved the issue on my system. My DCS Views were bound to other controls. When you have fast response this isn't visible, but if your video isn't optimized it makes the jitter much more noticeable. So, control bindings were the root cause, but bad vid response was a contributing symptom. I'm at a solid 60FPS and 8ms response with a beautiful image free of shimmer/pixels/screendoors. I did the following to resolve the issue: PiTool Create dedicated profile for DCS, do not rely on Common Settings Upscale 114hz Quality to 1.0 All
  4. Any update on resolving this? I just switched from the RiftS to the 8Kx. The unit works very well in all games and gets great frame rates in DCS, but when I move my head everything is jittery, not just the edges of my view. What's interesting is that when DCS is not in focus (get yellow 'window out of focus' message on screen) it's smooth as butter. As soon as I put DCS back in focus it looks like freeze frame when I move my head. When I don't move my head all animations are smooth. I've tried altering my PiTool/SteamVR/nVidia settings based on a few different posts here in th
  5. I've had the 10cm Sahaj extension on my VRpit for a while and it works beautifully. However, beware the cable provided with the extension. Sahaj provides an 11cm cable with his 10cm extension. This means that if switch sticks (i.e.Warthog to F/A-18), you're going to be pulling your hair out. I had to acquire some long thin dentist's tweezers to hold the cable head while attaching the stick because there's not enough slack to hold it with your fingers. Does anyone know where to buy a 20cm cable for my 10cm stick extension?
  6. That looks like a CBU with the sensor package removed. I was in Desert Storm and sported a healthy mustache. The late eighties / early nineties was the age of the mustache and mullet. Military couldn't wear mullets, so we made do with mustaches. "Your moostache hairs is in violations... Police that moostache!"
  7. Can I coin a new phrase? We can use the acronym PQT (petty, querulous, toxic) Here's a breakdown from the Oxford Dictionary if you need 'sources': Petty: of little importance; trivial. (of behavior) Characterized by an undue concern for trivial matters, especially in a small-minded or spiteful way. Querulous: Complaining in a petulant or whining manner. Toxic: Very bad, unpleasant, or harmful. "a toxic relationship" Ever wonder why there's so much PQT here? I think it's because people ran off all the MSMAEs (mentally stable and mature aviation enthusiasts) wi
  8. INSG = "It's not so great".. which was outlined in my post that you said was INSG.. therein lies the irony! hah...
  9. So what you're saying is.. INSG? The irony!
  10. The Apache will most definitely be a mind blowing DCS module. I can also say, without reserve, that the beautiful and complex evolution of DCS over the years is such a mind blowing accomplishment that it's worthy of documentaries and cult movies. Why are some people in this thread saying otherwise? I sometimes forget until I witness again the 'invasive species' which has overrun this natural and peaceful aviation forum habitat. I speak of the Hyena barking things like 'that's not so great, I was hoping for a Cessna' or 'Why not the AH-64A? I want steam gauges!' Unf
  11. +10! Add 'Show Help on Assisted Startup' in the Special > F-14 menu. Remove the checkmark, no yellow boxes. RustBelt, I don't know how it is now, but I was USNA in the '90s and I saw teams read each other checklists all the time. It depended on the crew. And by the way, you always go through every checklist, no matter how many hours you have. NATOPS law. We had an AD lose his startup qual because he skipped a single step on a checklist once. I like the idea of checklist assist in the sim, it adds to the immersion in my opinion.
  12. @bad_turbulance the download on the OP is still valid (look for large text). Since the profile is based in the Saitek SST software, and not on the DCS config files, it should be good to go. Of course, since 2010 there have been some additional commands added to the sim, but I'm not sure it's important to bind them. This profile will at least give you a solid foundation. If you want to be sure you retain your old SST profile, just go into the SST profile folder and rename the FileName.pr0 file to FileName.bak. Then copy my profile into the folder. Thanks for the kind words.
  13. I had similar issues. My resolution involved taking an extra step in turning off AV, and also disabling Intel Turbo Boost Max (which was changing CPU affinity on the fly). https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=4053994#post4053994 https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=220401
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