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  1. Thank you for the extra feedback. I have just tried out the air start mission I was using (as per uploaded .trk), and another mission with a ground start, using the 21st May open beta update. The APKWS seems to be working a lot better. I was able to knock out all seven available targets in the air start mission. I was also able to get hits after using a hot ground start & loading the APKWS via the re-arming interface. In the prior build I didn't get any hits after the ground start. I still seem to be getting some rockets that don't track but haven't so far identifi
  2. After seeing iLOVEwindmills mention using an airstart I set up an airstart myself. Sometimes the APKWS seems to work, often it doesn't. I've attached a .trk file (Nevada theatre) showing it not working if anyone can see something I'm missing. Harrier_APKWS.trk
  3. Many thanks for the replies. Aernov, you put me on the right track for the IRMV. I found that by caging the IRMV, switching to DMT, slewing the DMT, then using the NWS button to undesignate, I could return to the IRMV and it would be boresighted again. I thought you may may have nailed the APKWS issue too as I was using IR Mavs before switching to the APKWS in the same sortie. However after freshly starting DCS, and only loading up with the APKWS, I still found the rockets were still not tracking the laser. I tried using both LASR and D+M. I started the mission using a hot start o
  4. I am using the current 2.7 open beta and currently trying to learn my way around the Harrier. I am having trouble with the following if anyone is able to provide answers? 1. When using the IR Maverick, and using the Maverick's seeker to locate targets (i.e. not slaving to TPOD or DMT), how does one undesignate a target and return the Maverick seeker to the boresight position? It would seem that the NWS/Undesignate/FOV button switches between the wide & narrow FOV. Using the cage/uncage button seems to just turn the seeker head on & off and it remembers where it was last loo
  5. Hi 9mil, I am using a well aged X52 (not pro) and some older drivers. As you say it has a single axis for throttle. There are 3 potential bindings for the throttle for the F-18, Thrust, Thrust Left, and Thrust Right. You only need to bind the X52 axis to "Thrust". Do not bind it to "Thrust Left" or "Thrust Right". I've attached a picture of how things look in my setup screen.
  6. I have added a track file showing what I am seeing (please don't use accelerated time as it seems to mess up the replay). I used VVSLV with the TGP to lock on to the last member of a group of moving T-72s. Maverick is uncaged in advance. On confirming in range the TDC is depressed and by the time the AGM-65F seeker slews into position it is looking at the empty ground behind the T-72s. After this I switch SOI back to the TGP, pressed TDC again, then switched SOI back to the AGM-65F seeker. On this second attempt, the Maverick does obtain a lock and a successful launch is made. I s
  7. Hi jed40, Have you found a reliable way to handover from the TGP to the AGM-65F seeker? I'm getting the impression you may have been onto something with your original bug report. As per this thread I've tried the following sequence. Uncaging the Maverick, switching back to the TGP & locking up a moving target in point track, when in range Depress TDC, then switch back to the AGM seeker & wait for it to lock on. I've been trying this against targets such as moving T-72s and APCs. If the AGM-65F seeker aligns quickly to the target I have had some luck. However I
  8. I have also encountered a similar problem when using the AGM-65F (no targeting pod) and at least one of my squad mates has seen it also. So far a work around that seems to work is using STEP to cycle through all the Mavericks after starting the timer.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion EAF602, this seems to have been the problem. After creating a fast mission in 2.5.6 I had to go into the mission editor and change the warehouse from neutral to blue. IMHO this should still count as a bug though. Why the added complication? The way things worked in 2.5.5 was more streamlined, just set your options & go.
  10. Also note, I have been able to rearm/refuel in multiplayer missions using 2.5.6. The problem just seems to be when creating a fast mission for solo practice.
  11. I am trying to rearm/refuel at the airbases the mission generator assigns me to when the ramp or runway start options are selected. (No point in taking off if I can't set the desired loadout). I just tried again with an attempt to manually tune the radios but did not get a successful result. I also have the easy communication option enabled which should make tuning the radios unnecessary if my understanding of the option is correct. I also tried opening the canopy, no luck. As I recall the canopy also starts open with the ramp option (cold start). I just can't seem to get the "copy" ac
  12. Since version 2.5.6 I have been unable to rearm/refuel the Hornet when creating a fast mission. I have tried both ramp and runway starts, the Caucasus, Nevada & Persian Gulf theatres. Changing aircraft colour scheme & number works. Changing the loadout does not. I have been concentrating on learning the Hornet of late and am unsure if this issue applies to other aircraft also. System: Gigabyte GA-970A-D3P, FX-8350, Radeon RX-580, 32 GB RAM.
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