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  1. I did download and enjoy that map for BMS! Thanks a lot for your efforts - it must have been many hours to do that map! And looking at you sig I have flown an Astir over that terrain ILR too
  2. I'm a glass half full guy and it feels like the FPS is up 20 in 2.7... So smooth and beautiful. Like a new game. Specs in sig.
  3. OK - I agree that my initial post was way too offensive. I wrote it in affect just after two crashes trying to remove the excess modules and was rather irritated. As an old developer gone IT-manager I realize that poorly implemented features and functionality in software really annoys me more than it should My days are spent discussing how to improve different software solutions for millions of customers... So being anonymous here I can whine in a childish way, instead of the constructive feedback I would send to one of my own teams. They naturally hate wining end us
  4. Well - the dialog that listed "the following modules will be installed / updated..." came on first boot after I had switched motherboard and CPU I thought that the copy protection system did a "fresh install" as the SSD with DCS was essentially was in a new computer. Only GPU and soundcard from old build. So as I own 15-20 modules I did not read through the list - and besides, it would not be that strange that it downloaded modules that I do not own to be agle to show them in full res etc? As it has never before downloaded modules that I have not bought and there is an update ever
  5. Thanks @Northstar98 - as I own quite a bunch of modules and had not been running DCS for a while I guess that I assumed it wanted to update a bunch of them and clicked OK...
  6. OK - started to try removing the Christen Eagle module that I don't own - and DON'T want to try even for free. Then VR get's out of focus and the game crashes after 3 minutes with the updater over the VR window. So I can't get rid of the crap that I did not want. Someone from ED PM me as I am gone as a customer if this is not fixed very easily or I am compensated for the mess you have caused with my installation.
  7. So - Have not been flying DCS for a while due to lots of work... Started it some week ago to try my new RTX 3070 and got some indication of it downloading every module there is without me accepting that. Part of some "try modules for free"? I did NOT say yes. So now I get spammed with activation problems for modules I don't own - and for the Flaming Cliffs 3 modules I DO own... I am so close to uninstalling this and walking away from this. I have spent a lot of cash over the years on this product... So how do I fix this without a restart for deleting each mo
  8. Agreed. Tried changing the title but it doesn't seem possible. Any mod can please change it to the "subtitle" that is visible on the first post.
  9. Did some more thinking on this based on other baltic proposals... It really would be nice to squeeze in Kaliningrad and some Baltic coast line without adding to much more ground to model. So: And yes - that deleted area can have elevation but no details like in other maps. It deletes Berlin etc that would be great to have - but focusing on the "coastal areas" removes more than 50% of the European densely populated ground to model... And there are so many scenarios that can take place on this. Cold war, WW II and present day with Russian fighters from Kaliningrad probing the Swedish and
  10. Even though I would love this map coming from Sweden (with a mother that was born in Estonia but fled to Sweden in 1944 when the Soviets invaded). The problem for a cold war scenario is that there really are no Nato airfields on this map. It's almost all red. One Swedish (F16 Uppsala) and really no Finnish as it cuts below Tampere-Pirkkala. That is why I finally proposed this in my Southern Baltic proposal - https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=239656. In that area you get bases for all. Lots of WP bases, Western Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and even US bases in the UK t
  11. No, it's a analogue mini joystick with an X and Y axis. So I bind it that way. It needs a bit of deadzone added as it's not using Virpil/VKB class sensors for the axes. But for slew which is the main binding that's not needed and it works great for me. The stick is a bit taller than the X-Box type mini sticks used on other devices so a bit more "throw" ;)
  12. The reason I use a G13 is that I bought it long time ago for other purposes. It was in a box gathering dust for years when I realized that I might be able to use it some way with my Hotas setup in VR, as finding the keyboard is way too complex. I realized that this setup works surprisingly well. The Virpil desk mount almost feels like it's built for it. But the G13 is discontinued now which many are sad about. From what I understand used ones go for 300 quid these days... There are similar products but they don't have the analog thumb stick that works very well for slew control in DCS.
  13. I have realized that I really don't use the flip down trigger for the F18 as it is now, so if you come up with a good use I would be happy to know! An important note is that I also use a Logitech G13 keypad for slew control so that's why they are not in the mapping. The G13 ministick is great for that... My full setup with Virpil Hotas + G13 and template for that... https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=242821
  14. Well - I'll be damned... Reminded Tomas today that I was promised a GLS link - did not expect any answer but amazingly got a response back rather immediately where he said it should be in Sweden since a week. Checked and GLS that uses DB Schenker in Sweden had messed something up in the "handover" so it was at my local pickup center since a week without me being notifed. Whent there after work and after 1 year of waiting I still did not beleive it... Got the package with Realteus tape nicely padded. Still did not beleive there was a Forcefeel pad in it... But it was :) And ama
  15. Well - I would say the ED is in the top tier regarding communicating what is happening with road maps etc. The latest ones from Kate are just awesome. And switching rendering engine is not something where you can post screenshots before the bulk of the work is done. I guess there is a lot of refactoring of old code going on now in hundreds of classes and dark corners of the code base. Tedious basement work that takes a lot of time. Before that is done it simply does not work with Vulkan so nothing to show?
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