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  1. The "esc" key is only bound to the keyboard, all other columns for the other controllers are empty. LeCuvier ... when you say UI Layer what do you mean? Sorry for the bold type, I couldn't get it to go away!
  2. I have it mapped using the M1 modifier ... on the X-56 Rhino. Another crappy situation ... I cannot end the mission and therefore never get credit for Mission 1 of the A-10C Basic Flight Training Qualification mission. And, you cannot move forward until Mission 1 successfully completed. God this is an aggravation I do not have time for ... dang.
  3. As soon as I get into the plane the "esc" key works great. As soon as I interact with the plane the "esc" key stops working and I have to close DCS. I have made sure that the key is mapped to "End Mission" ... I know the mapping is correct because of the first sentence. I wonder if the update is to blame ... this never happened to me before. Thanks in advance .,..
  4. I had to put on the attachment plate on to the stick. But yes ... I feel that the ergonomics could be better as well. I have problems with the two top hats being so close together on the throttle. My trim also requires me to lift my hand from the base.
  5. Attached is a similar layout ... it is just not green ...
  6. Caldera ... thanks for taking the time to respond ... I appreciate it. To what action in the controls do you map that slider to? CTB
  7. Here is my key mappings for the A10-C II Tank Killer ... please give it a once over and comment on what you'd do differently. I included the .lua files so you can easily setup your X-56 if you like the current mappings. Thanks for commenting, C.T.Blankenship X56_Stick.diff.lua X56_Throttle.diff.lua
  8. Thanks for your responses ... I used the nuclear option ... RDP ;-) I tried to expose the index.html to the public by making the directory a website but IIS kept complaining that DCS.EXE was using and locked the index.html file. That would have been a slick solution if it worked. Thanks again, CT "CHAOS" Blankenship
  9. I currently have the Local Web GUI mapped to port 8088. I know it is possible for a friend to launch this portal so that they can control my server when I'm not available (restart the server, add a new mission, etc.) What is the public address for accomplishing this task? Thanks, CTBlankenship
  10. Once created, is there a way to save and reload a flight plan. I scoured the DCS User Manual and didn't find anything which makes me believe the answer is no ... I just wanted to make sure. Thanks, CTBlankenship
  11. Try this ... https://www.dropbox.com/s/0vrdz7zi1c83ei2/tf06207126.dot?dl=0
  12. When you say private do you mean that your created a DCS OpenBeta Server and classified it as private? Or did you create your server on your local LAN and both of you are accessing it using 196.168.0.xxx:10308? All I had to do to get SRS to work is install SRS on the server, point port number 5002 to the machine running SRS Server ... in my case, finally make sure my firewall software (mine is Norton 360) has rules that define port 5002 and 5003 are open. You can also do this using PowerShell. You have to run PowerShell as Administrator to get the following command lines to wo
  13. I've restarted the machine multiple times but it never works here ... buggers.
  14. Yes ... you can select the pilot and kick them off using the DCS Server Dashboard (it is a web based portal that you have to launch with Google ... not Edge). the Index.html file is located in Program Files -> Eagle Dynamics -> DCS World OpenBeta Server -> WebGUI. Hope this helped, CTBlankenship
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