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  1. Thank you for your answers. I don't have any antivirus installed other than default protection from Windows so i checked the events log. I couldn't spot anything unusual. I restarted my pc without doing any thing else than what i described in my earlier post. Since the reboot DCS is working smoothly again.
  2. hello guys, I am running latest DCS World open beta version, using ED launcher (not steam). I updated the game to the on the 27th august and the game worked fine. The 29th august i had a launcher update and since then i'm having 4 errors that appear whenever i launch the game and that stop the game from running : My system is in french but it says for each "The procedure entry point XXXX could not be located in the dynamic link library XXXX". I've tried several things but i still have the errors afterward. 1- delete manually the .dll affected + repairing t
  3. It has been a long time since this post hasn't been active, but since i didn't find anywhere else to post and since this bug is still bothering my game experience. I have seen this bug since 2.5.5, (when i bought the f-14), and it's still happening in 2.5.6. I'm using TM Warthog stick and throttle and TM Rudder pedals. I've found that to me the conflict is happening whenever there is only 1 throttle axis mapped ingame. Then my Rudder axis goes red. So as i wanted to have the axis "Throttle Both", i just mapped Z axis of the TM Warthog throttle in it, and mapped RZ axis to the
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