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  1. In the old times software developers use to sold you a finished product. DCS modules are updated quite often, so manuals would be outdated very soon. Nevertheless, I also miss quality printed manuals like Microprose's ones (F19 Stealth Fighter, M1 Tank Platoon, etc.).
  2. Thanks a lot, sorry for not answering earlier.
  3. In Mission 13 of the Campaign (Cavalry has arrived) you have to input an altitude offset of -761 feet, but if you input -761 in the left screen the value showed is -232. I mean, in this moment, if you want to enter an offset of -761 feet in the left screen, you have to enter the same value in meters (-2496 meters = -761 feet), and only then it shows -761 feet. 761 feet = 232 meters; 2496 feet = 761 meters Left screen (feets): Input: Shows: -761 -> -232 -2496 -> -761 I think that maybe it could be some kind of error in the units of the left screen alt offse
  4. I've noticed that turning HSI VAD Selector both in clockwise or counterclockwise directions always increases the value in modes rho and theta. At least in my case, I can't decrease the values of rho or theta in HSI VAD mode. Dont know if it's a bug, or if anyone else have noticed this. (last openbeta) Thanks. (sorry for the title, I meant value, not valor)
  5. Pressing IFF ident button in Viggen causes DCS to crash in open beta (, just starting the mission, even without ground power enabled.
  6. Yo tengo un problema similar, que aparece de forma muy ocasional. En mi caso son tirones periódicos (cada segundo o así) relacionados con picos de acceso al disco duro C. Lo extraño es que tanto DCS, como las partidas guardadas, como el archivo de paginación los tengo en el disco E, y ambos son discos SSD. Solo se me soluciona reiniciando. No sé muy bien la causa de estos tirones periódicos, pero en mi caso creo que podría ser algo relacionado con un exceso de carga en uno de los núcleos del procesador. Con el programa HWinfo me di cuenta de que DCS utilizaba casi al 100% el núcleo 0 del pr
  7. I'm playing version. Congrats, It's a very fun to play add-on. I think there is a bug in the F-18 CAS loadout. The plane spaws with the AGM-65D version, and this missile it's not recognized by the plane. The missile should be the AGM-65E or AGM-65F versions. Thank you for this great add-on. EDIT: Just tried the RC8 version. What a great improvement, thank you for yor work.
  8. Great modification. It works specially well with supercarrier. Thanks.
  9. In my case, moving the windows "Saved Games" folder to the new drive solved some sttuters and also gave a little perfomance boost. I dont know the reason, but it worked. Maybe the "fxo" and "metashaders2" folders.
  10. Try to unplug it, and replug it again. That way the driver centers the stick. I had the same issue and it worked. Also, put a small dead zone.
  11. I played Microprose's F-19 Stealth Fighter with 640KB RAM and a Intel 8086 Proccessor at 8 MHz (10 MHz with Turbo Mode). There was also a Su-25 Frogfoot Simulator, I cant remember its name... They ran at 8 FPS in low settings, maybe :smilewink:
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