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  1. It's the same for me. If I were to download something on steam I get 14 megabytes a second, but the update through the standalone version? 0.8 megabytes a second. It's PAINFULLY slow. Tried restarting it a number of times too, changed nothing. Something has to be wrong with the updater or something, I should not be downloading this slow.
  2. It's being worked on and is in no way dead. In fact it even makes an appearance in one of Wag's recent videos, granted it's mostly covered in clouds.
  3. I snagged it as well. Can't wait to fly it.
  4. I did, sadly it nuked everyone it talked to from my friends list.
  5. So they're actually doing the A-6 in full? That's a day 1 buy for me. Shrikes and Standards here I come!
  6. I fly it with just a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick(and yes in sim mode). It is more than adequate to fly it with just that, but you can certainly use more peripherals to enhance your control/immersion.
  7. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/shop/campaigns/f-5e_black_sea_resolve_79_campaign/ Just snagged it myself, this is gonna be good.
  8. Oh that's awesome. I'm looking forward to snagging it.
  9. No, I only have what I listed there. My point with that particular statement is that you can absolutely fly and have fun with the Huey with only a single stick(and a cheap one at that). The other peripherals certainly add to the experience and immersion, but they aren't required. Sure. Or perhaps I buy it for them as a gift, or we could split the cost. The plus side with this route is that they have the helicopter too, so whenever they feel ready to try to fly it, it's right there ready to go. Let's not forget that ED has also been doing "try modules for free" events alon
  10. I have no rudder pedals and I only have a Logitech Extreme 3d Pro joystick. You can absolutely learn and get proficient at flying the UH-1H with just that. Furthermore you can get the Huey 50% off during sales($24.99) of which ED does multiple times a year. Now honestly, I don't have an opinion on whether they should be free or not. Both sides put forth some good points, but I felt I needed to address those two things.
  11. That's what I was thinking, or at least that's what I'm hoping anyway. Got some cash burning a hole in my pocket with the word "Hind" on it.
  12. Congrats guys! I love the MB-339 mod a lot so I'll be looking forward to buying the module when it goes up for sale. Keep up the great work.
  13. On one hand it does suck that you have to halt work while you look into going commercial, on the other hand I'd love to see the MB-339 become an official module. I'd 100% buy it, as I've had so much fun with the mod, and it's among my favorites of all the planes I have in DCS currently. Good luck with going commercial and I hope it all works out great guys!
  14. That is actually not a bug, and rather a real life limitation with the PCA. If you have bombs on any pylons you can't fire rockets from pylons 1 and 9.
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