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  1. Thanks for this. It does make the levers actually move in the cockpit again at least. However, the levers start forward but I don't think the system is actually engage as indicated by the levers. So far I've found that, if I move them all the way back, then the system and the levers synchronize. I'll do a few more flights to see if this is accurate.
  2. Make sure your RAM air and Carb Temp levers are actually full forward. There is an issue that shows the levers forward when the system is actually not fully forward. This can cause overheating issues. Just hold whatever button that pushes each lever forward for a few seconds to ensure that the system is actually in the position that the levers indicate that it is in
  3. Yeah, for me, niether (hot air or ram air) animation works properly. When activated, the animation instantly goes full forward or full aft (depending on activation). It seems like it IS actually doing something; however, without the animation, there is no way to tell (that I know of) where each system is actually set to. I just hold the actiation down for a few seconds to ensure that it is either fully forward or fully aft. It was the same with the flaps but this appears to have been fixed with the last patch.
  4. ok, so what is the first move now? The old way was to capture bases so, the first move was to get a foothold on the continent. This doesn't seem to be an option now so, I'm at a loss as to what is the best thing to do to move the scenario along
  5. The other two more popular servers are just fine and have plenty to recomend them; I just enjoy how the game play works on this particular one. I could be wrong but I'll restate, and hope that xcom picks up on it, I think a lot of people pass by this server simpy because: It's sparatically not visible in the list, for some reason They just don't understand how it works. I joined just the other day and it looks like the way it is played has been changed in some ways since last summer (when it was taken down) There is no easy/apparant way of figurin
  6. I think it's a combination of: People being a bit overwhelmed when they first join People not knowing about it People already having their favorite servers The fact that nobody is on leads to people not wanting to get on the "boring server" Unfortunately, I think a lot of people don't realize that there is stuff to do on the server while you wait for others to join. (See point 1 above) EDIT: Also doesn't help that, apparently, even when the server is "online", according to the website, it doesn't always show up in the multiplayer list
  7. Bump: I haven't flown this server for a few months so some of the above may be out of date Still, check it out. It's pretty fun.
  8. I JUST found that blueflag WWII was back up and running!!! I'm very happy about this and hope that people will check it out. See Slayer's and my previous post to clarify how this server works!!! It is a very fun server and I hope to see it more populated
  9. Ok, yeah, so trains don't work in a MP Normandy scenario? Well that explains some stuff I've been struggling with in my attempt to learn some mission editing.
  10. Ok, so I own the reflected campaigns and they are mostly pretty good but, So many times I just want to jump into a sort of free flight quick mission where you can attack random trains/trucks/planes, etc with a flight. Unfortunately, DCS World, QMB is atrocious and really needs work so I'm asking the collective wisdom of the community if there are good quality QM packs for the wwII birds for purchase or for free somewhere. I know there are lots of missions out there but, I hope that by asking for suggestions I can save myself some trial and error. Thanks, BM357_TinMan
  11. I've been trying to learn to fly the 109 the last few days (because a lot of the time I go online, the allies outnuber the axis quite a bit) so, I can say for certain that the 109 on the channel map has several scenerios in "intant action". I've been using "cold start". It is pretty well done. There's plenty of friendlies flying assorted missions and you get a flight of four accompanying you. You can also encounter several different enemy flights you and your flight can engage or not. I would assume that the other war birds got the same treatment on this map.
  12. So, I bought the Channel map and noticed that more effort was put into not only making more instant missions but the missions themselves are fleshed out more. This is very much appreciated and I hope that maybe the Normandy map and War Birds will get more and better "instant action" missions. Given the fact that the QMB in this sim is abysmally bad, these instant action missions would be very much welcome by those of us that aren't good enough to really enjoy multiplayer so much. Mostly I just wanted to say, thanks and keep it up.
  13. Stipulating to the veracity of your comment, as a pretend sometimes sim pilot that occasionally enjoys flying a 109, I would still like to have wing gun pods and wing rockets to mess around with from time to time.
  14. Bump for rockets and wing gun pods and...a G6... ;)
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