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  1. I'm afraid I can't see any choice but to cease being a customer. Take this as notice my Supercarrier order is cancelled, please close my account.
  2. Eagle Dynamics do know the deliberate misselling of goods or fraudulent misrepresentation is illegal right? If they knew SC didn't work before putting it up for purchase in Early Access, as it still is now, even in software development terms, that is really dodgy! The promotional material, the pics and video clearly show a fully working Carrier. How many of us would still have bought SC when we did knowing it was actually bugged in alpha and required months of work just to get into beta? There's only 5 weeks to ED's own May deadline, if they go back on their word to offer refunds. :(
  3. Train Sim World, the follow up to Train Simulator, released in 2018 with HUGE potential and fanfare by Dovetail Games. It was Train Simulator but ported into the Unreal 4 Engine and man it was stunning! September 2018 in a studio update they announced a huge upgrade program promising a game editor, modelling tools, VR support and multiplayer - It was being set up to be the FSX of Train simulators ... and then nothing. An entire 2 years later Dovetail Games as a developer is still promising game tools, and sharing twitch streams of Wip editor use but in reality the DTG Train sim studio is one m
  4. Final post of DCS World roadmap update thread - Kate Perederko: "[...]I have to admit that the release of the update last week didn't meet our expectations at all. We still have a lot of work to do with performance issues before we will be able to release it to the Stable branch. Please do not expect it to be released in April." Generally if your product is months away from being beta ready at deadline, you need to seriously reevaluate your expectations ... If ED can say now SC needs a boat load of work, why go through the pain of crashing deadlines you know you're not going to mee
  5. Yes "DCS World roadmap update" - 04-15-2020, 05:07 PM page 27 post #262 Just to clarify :smartass:
  6. I have no doubt ED will -eventually- release something and I was fully clued in to the risks of supporting Early Access when I purchased, my disappointment stems from ED misselling me a module. To date Super Carrier has and will need an additional 4 months of development just to get it to a state where it can be sent to open beta. The point of sale front page and promotional material released made Super Carrier out to be a full fidelity, fully functioning complete module in the final stages of testing before general release to Early Access. In reality it would appear SC hadn't been beta
  7. You agreed when you signed the contract / pressed pay to: "According to End-User License Agreement 5. All charges incurred when purchasing download DCS products from the DCS Store cannot be refunded or exchanged in whole or in part, regardless of the payment method. Early purchased product then goes on sale... If you have purchased a product from the DCS e-shop and the product then goes on sale (even an hour later), we are unable to provide any refund or price adjustment. All e-sales are final." ED are under no obligation to provide you with anything. You paid a bank account a sum o
  8. Why would the US Government use a civilian distributed computer network to do basic nuclear science? Oh and here's the full list of current F@H projects, their individual contributor sponsors and contact details for each: https://apps.foldingathome.org/psummary But I'd avoid looking, you'll get Coronavirus from your wifi network! :smilewink:
  9. Yes Apologies for the cross post but feel this is one to share here for future reference & hopefully unnecessary info :surrender: Cheers
  10. @Kate Perederko Will Eagle Dynamics be offering a refund on Super Carrier if ED fails to release the module by the new 'April-May 2020' deadline? thanks
  11. This failure for me goes beyond just a delay. ED sold me a product that was in the final weeks before release on early access where in fact it has so far needed 4 months of further development to just get it out to beta testing. I spent $74.98 on SC and Hornet to use with it, which is not an insignificant amount of money. As a new player to DCS this leaves a very bitter taste and now I'm very much thinking of holding onto my sim bucks for FS2020.
  12. - Bought Super Carrier 5th February as a Birthday present to myself in March. - News was late and then it was delayed a month. - Delayed again because 'ED doesn't release modules during sales'. - Discover Super Carrier is now being released on beta and will 'have to wait' for stable update. - Delayed a third time to "April-May 2020" with a "We plan to deliver all products out of Early Access this year". In my line of work with this level of incompetence and you holding onto my money I'd be talking to my solicitors. Unfortunately in this case all I can do is chalk it up to an early acces
  13. Epic Games has delayed the release of its new season of Fortnite until June. DAMN CALLED IT! I'm uninstalling /ragequit
  14. Am I going to need a secret handshake to get into this beta? :D Much appreciate the info guys, thanks!
  15. ED is releasing Super Carrier as a beta test first in the coming days. I've been trying to find out a rough time frame for when early access for SC will be made available on the stable game? I can't say I'm too happy finding out SC is releasing as a paid beta test instead of stable early access module. I feel the process to how ED releases new modules could have been explained better before purchase. That being said the risk of pre-ordering is entirely my own so it will be what it will be. What would be very much appreciated is if those of us who aren't beta testers could get a rough goal p
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