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  1. Ok i have noticed the completed cockpit on the F-15E unit and the high quality details so I guess they are doing testing to work out the last things. I also think the 2.7 update probably halted their progress IG. they might have had to update the f-15e more to make it compatible with the update
  2. I may have missed something entirely but when will we be getting the f-15E? I've noticed the updated version of the AI F-15E and was just wondering when we can expect it to be done.
  3. Personally i love the viper and i have the Syria map, f-18 and a whole bunch of other stuff. I would say go for the viper its more fun than the f-18 lol.
  4. Maybe I should start making DCS memes...
  5. I was trying out the subs and this happened... It was floating instead of diving.
  6. yeah it moves too fast off target to do that unfortunately. I will try and see if I should mark a point first then waypoint des.
  7. Hey everyone! I found something weird when I was trying to waypoint designate the TGP. It seems that it won't stay tracked on target, as soon as I hit designate it will slew to the point but it won't area or point track like it normally does. Is there anything that the new update does so that I need to do something extra or is it a bug? The point of interest of the track is at 15:08 in the cockpit. I have attached it. Wypoint Designate + TGP Bug .trk
  8. Yeah I could have taken damage I cant remember...
  9. I can give you a track but its going to be super long idk if I saved it tho
  10. All features of the HUD were frozen not just airspeed.
  11. Hello everyone I was bombing and stuff and then my hud froze up. I didnt have any failures set up so this should not have happened the track is way too long but I have a good photo.
  12. Okay I think ur right with the session thing. Hmmm. I had problems with slewing to target even if I hadnt designated anythong tho. maybe it was the session thing again idk.
  13. Hi everyone as I am trying to learn the walleye, I might have come across some bugs. Some examples are not being able to slew the pod with or without TDC depress and Sensor select switch on the correct MFD, Not slewing to waypoints, it will sometimes need a warmup period for the walleye as well. If anybody can show me if I am doing something wrong that would be great I have a track of it going wacky and not slewing to a waypoint rn I am working on the others. I have looked at Wags vids and GR vids but I cant figure out if I'm doing something wrong.:helpsmilie: Walleye Bug .trk
  14. Yeah, I use the pinky button on the thrust stick for a modifier and it works pretty well its just the flight stick only has one hat/switch is what really bugs me.
  15. If you watch the track, you see the tech still tries to connect the bar even though I'm too far forward. that is what I'm talking abt not me not being able to take off because I accidentally used too much thrust.
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