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  1. Click the link for more information and pictures JANUARY 24, 2021 DCS: A-7E Development Update 2021
  2. then I guess you have no plans or at least you have not started for a 2nd FF aircraft
  3. I do not know if I should laugh or cry ... I have been looking for hours for this place ... I was hoping for a new map
  4. I believe it is in the Mariana Islands Probably not, I do not see fit, it is definitely not Marianna, from what i have seen on google earth
  5. It will be free, it is just an update to the DCS core
  6. Yes, I saw it and fortunately I was wrong!
  7. No Apache, that's already announced
  8. Seconds hand is before 21, probably 2020 9/12/2020? :music_whistling:
  9. DCS A-7E Corsair ii development update https://flyingironsimulations.com/blogs/news/dcs-a-7e-corsair-ii-development-update
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