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  1. Hi guys, I wanna try to change the Green color of the instruments, and flood lights - I mean, I wanna have it to Yellow-White spot lights, instead of Green (Even tho Green is what in use for most air forces), How can I do that? What files do I need to edit in photoshop/notepad in order to get it other color than green? thanks.
  2. Hi guys. would like to share some of my latest videos - I edit the videos is such a way that they are more fun for watching than the originals : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cABP3XhyNw&feature=youtu.be
  3. We Use it diffrently in real life than u would in the simulator. F-16 Block D can carry X2 (Twice) the amount of Chaff and Flares than a Standard F-16. Programs 1-2-3-4 are used mostly for diffrent Areas and Missions... For Example - If you're on a POP-UP mission, you will need to go for a pre-set program that goes from 0 Altitude, fires some chef and flares, and continue it on untill you go back low-level - it's about 40 seconds. you press it once when you pull - you do the pop up and it will automaticly continue flaring and cheffing untill you finish... that's one example... but the m
  4. IAF is either using 1 Missile - or 4 SDBs No such thing as 3 AGM-65s or sort of things... AGM-65 is used against Tanks... Why Would Israeli F-16 use them? you need to go very low very close (circle around the targets) very slow in order to hit them... it's a better suited mission for Helicopters... Fighter Jets Won't Mind Tanks anymore in 2020... maybe the USAF is doing it with it's Air National Guard for training purposes, but in general - Fighter jets are not taking out tanks, and when they do - it's Laser Guided Bombs from Medium-Altitude (CAS Block 12-14'000ft)
  5. Hi there. After Contacting the Support of Eagle Dynamic to join ED, I got a link to send my resume : https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/ru/vacancies/ But None of the sumbit buttons really work. I can't send my resume. I'm Willing to Join Eagle Dynamic as a Test Pilot for Advanced Blocks. I'm 28 Years old, Former test pilot in R.A.S . Please Contact me. Best Regards Dan.
  6. You guys know nothing about avionics. Sorry to tell you. Im a former test pilot in R.A.S. But if you think United States Air Force is planning to defend its borders against the russians overseas at 2,000NM With Aim-120 for 18NM.. Than sorry to bust your dream... it wont happen. Missiles reach far beyond this simulator. Its a matter of life and death. Aim-120D goes beyond 160NM... The first Aim-120A in early 80s was at 18-30NM.. I dunno why you keep calling it C... its A.
  7. Yeah I've Tested the F-16 Engine, it's about 50% of the real engines... I fly the F-16s in realistic Simulators, and I've never seen such a bad-performance engine for an F-16... I think they made it on purpose.
  8. You made a good job. I'm giving you some professional tips as a former developer in a professional company. Further tips will be private.
  9. But there is more than just colors... some times one thing can be the game changer betwen good and bad... in this case its the nose... the skin it self can be very good, but without a good nose coloration -its a wasted job... take an example : So Nose Color can make the diffrence because it gives the rest of the plane and colors - a new prespective... Time to day is a 2nd factor ... you always have to make sure your skin looks good at Day Light, but also at night time or dusk where colors are changing and you still have to manage the colors in the same day light shape. And th
  10. Ofcourse I will share .. more over - take one of your skin files, lets say Main1, the middle part of the F16, open it in Photoshop . In the Top Menu Bar - Go to Image - Adjustments - Selective Colors and change the next values : Reds Cyan +50 Yellows Yellow +35 Greens Cyan -100 Yellow +100 And see the results : ) Told ya.. Expert at Photoshop and skins ...
  11. BarTzi Im a Skin expert - Was Working in the developing of a new simulator few years ago, one of the things I was doing good was skins and colors - so I liked what you've made, but in my opinion it was a bit too Color-Full.. so I did a little own twist and made it look more realistic. did not changed anything yet but the Selective Colors.
  12. My Video Flying an Advanced Block - AESA Radars - Advanced Avionics - AIM-120D (Beyond 100+ nm up to more than 160)
  13. This is not a wishlist.... why is it moved here?? it's a video of me - flying DCS F-16 with new avionics....
  14. My Video Flying an Advanced Block - AESA Radars - Advanced Avionics - AIM-120D (Beyond 100+ nm up to more than 160)
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