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  1. There are no other missions than killing in DCS. Suppression is not a thing. Either a gun can kill APCs, Trucks, and other light vehicles or it is borderline useless. The 30mm will be significantly more useful in the context of DCS than a machine gun could ever hope to be.
  2. Yes. Go into the DST page, copy the mark point and paste it into row 30-35.
  3. No I can't. I also must have overlooked your earlier answers. If you say that it is not a valid loadout then I accept that.
  4. I have probably asked about the Mk.20s and Snakeeyes half a dozen times now. For some reason Deka refuses to answer this, in my opinion, very simple question. If they would come out and say no, those bombs can't be loaded or dropped from the inner pylons, like they did with the BRMs or dual ejectors, then at least we would have an answer.
  5. Will Mk.20 cluster bombs and Mk.82 snakeeye retarded bombs be added to the inner pylons of the JF-17?
  6. They are preloaded via the DTC, they can not be changed in flight. DST 59 is changeable. What you could do is edit the values of DST 59 to the airport you are trying to land at.
  7. This is because in DCS JDAMs are classified as bombs rather than missiles. Just the way it is. But as GGTharnossaid, it is mainly a DCSism. Another DCSism that works in favor of the JF is the RCS of the LD-10 (~480) and the interception threshold of the SA-10 (500+) making the SA-10 unable to intercept the LD-10.
  8. As far as the game is concerned, the GB-6 and LS-6 and all other glide bombs are missiles. Missiles can be intercepted by certain SAMs. Same thing happens to the JSOW. Bombs like the Mk.84 have no radar signature at all in the game.
  9. DTOS works great for them in level flight as well.
  10. Single Mk.20 cluster bombs and Mk.82s snakeeyes?
  11. Has there been any vote on Snakeeyes, Mk.20s, and potentially dual ejector racks on the inner pylon?
  12. Pretty much all modern FBW aircraft in the game have similar restrictions, the F-18 changes the control laws in the transsonic region, so does the Mirage and F-16 (I think, I do not own it). G limit gets replaced by an AoA limit for most, if not all, of them.
  13. The RCS of the LD-10 is too small to be intercepted by an SA-10. SA-10s have a minimum RCS that they can engage of 500 (or 0.5, not sure how it is written in the files), the LD-10 is slightly below that value (~480 IIRC) making them impossible to intercept for the SA-10. If you mod the LD-10 to have a bigger RCS, they get intercepted. TORs and Tunguskas can intercept them fine, but right now the LD-10 is by far the fastest making it hard even for those systems to intercept them, but they can and do.
  14. I would also like to know if Deka is considering adding single snake eyes and Mk.20 cluster bombs to the inner pylon. Their omission is weird after the Mk.82 and GBU-12 were added.
  15. 16th of July (after the changes to fuel flow)
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