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  1. MrScott

    SIMAPP Pro Setup

    Chase, I followed your steps but for example and went to River Run Mission. and had no control of the plan. I assume we can only start missions that are begin C&D.
  2. Sir, I too have the G2. I followed the video instructions for the VR Shader (Below) and get the following error when launching Into say Instant action Free Flight. "DX11 Renderer - Error Shader "bazar/shaders/netashaders/grass/grass2.fx" failed to compile. Reason: warning X4717: Effects deprecated for DCDCompiler_47 ../terrain/inc/vortexUtils.hlsl(42,44-62): error X3004:undeclared identifier 'TerrainContect_time'" I followed the instructions to the letter, even renaming the folders.old where asked and now I have no idea what to do. DCS is D
  3. Guys, I have not been in DCS for sometime now but the last time I was in I accessed it via this utility. Now when I select the utility Windows brings up a Notification box and it then disappears from the screen. Task manager show it is running but nothing I do gets me access to it. What is going on? I had changed my displays from 4K to 1080 P about a month ago to test another program and when I launched DCS from Skatezillas's Updater utility, the Screen was not accessible be because it has last been run in 4K so, I changed the Windows displays back to 4K and now I can run The updater, and w
  4. After installing the latest ver. I noticed the Internet Connection Status: is (YELLOW - Local Only) and the Server (Magenta-No Connection). Clicking on either does nothing to update the status to online. I have GIG SPEED service at (946 DN and 42 UP) so I am hoping someone can explain - Is the status Local and Server NO connection an issue or not. I have not found any documentation on how to properly use this Utility. Thanks
  5. Sir, would you be so kind and send me the files and how you setup your X52 to work with the HORNET? I too have been struggling to get anything more than the Pinkie to work as a modifier. Clutch will not work and the Minimouse will not respond as an axis. Sound like you're a smart man who has figured it out. Thanks
  6. Has this gone anywhere or are gloves the new ticket?
  7. After updating the DCS latest build today, the Updater Utility cannot verify the Folder Location. I rechecked it but cannot get a GREEN Verified light for the DCS folder. Have I missed something in the setup? It worked great up until this latest version update.
  8. I'm using a X52Pro and the SST Software to setup MODES (sort of like the Profile Switching in RSM). My issue with DCS in that when I press a button on the Stick DCS thinks it's a Modifier and not the actual button so, when I found RSMapper(RSM) I thought this would be my solution. Starting RSM my X52Pro Hotas comes up with POV and everything else as buttons. It does appear this is much more powerful and maybe even easier to use than the Saitek SST Software. Do you know if there are Profiles for the F/A-18C for download and possibly for the X-52Pro? Even your F/A-18C Profiles would be helppful
  9. Voice Commands for F/A-18C Forgive my ignorant question. I am new and thinking DCS would be great as my first venture into VR. What would be ideal is to use voice for all commands other than Throttle and Yoke (the obvious I know), but I have no clue or desire to get into scripting VA to make all the commands required. Assuming VA and VIACOM Pro could accomplish this wish, I would envision simply calling out a command like "Air to Ground Stores" and my stores page would display, then call out "Arm AMRAM120". You get the idea, all commands required to start the plan complete a mission and ret
  10. Is HIJACK Still around. All the post are so old
  11. Samsung Odyssey Plus Never tried VR before so I ordered these from Amazon Prime (Free Returns) so If VR is not well suited for me I can return them. In order to achieve the best experience with the Samsung Odyssey Plus, I would appreciate any comments, suggestions on how best to setup. I am also new to DCS and DO NOT USE STEAM nor do I plan to so if something is required like SteamVR please advise. Thank you all in advance for your help and advice. Smokin1
  12. Bad Link If I have to register I cannot recall the name of the goofy characters.
  13. I even would settle for it to run more than 10 minutes without crashing. But yes, the FINAL manual is what I was asking about. Thanks all!
  14. Sir, I am 12 hours into DCS. As an Avid X-Plane user, I understand the power of LUA Scripts but not enough to create one - modify but changing data, sure. Regarding your comment about the X52 Profile not working with the PRO, I could use some help. I do have the X52Pro and yet can only find profiles for the X52. I would really like to get my X52Pro working well with DCS and specifically for the F/A-18C Hornet. I only want to focus on 1 Aircraft so I purchased the Hornet a recommendation of fellow X-Plane user. I know have no experience with the Saitek Programming Tool (I assume that is the
  15. F/A-18C User Manual (Docs) , all the aircraft manuals are there. C:\program files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World Beta (Etc)\Mods\aircraft\FA-18C\Doc ...
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