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  1. @bmbpdk Yes, I have no problem with the normal dive bombing techniques :) What Im trying to do ( ideally) is avoid the sams by flying very low and releasing retard bombs without having to pop up for a dive. Maybe i'd be better off in a different plane but Im not sure if this is possible at all , it kinda removes the danger of sam engagement....
  2. Hi everyone. I can do CCRP bombing in the Su 25 a but with only cluster bomb dispensers. Is there any way to do low level release with hi drag HE iron bombs or do I need a different plane ? I tend to fly redfor/cold war most of the time . Many thanks C
  3. Hi everyone I am in the process of upgrading from T16000 stick and throttle to better kit and have decided to go to with VKB stick and pedals. My question is would I be likely to have problems if I mixed these items with a mongoose throtttle ? I am working on the basis that the Throttle would have its own software and direct USB port separate from the VKB stuff. It's a lot of money to spend and get it wrong if there are compatibility problems...... Thanks in advance C
  4. Thanks. If I had thought about it I could have matched the letters up between the two alphabets, doh. Thank you all for your quick replies C
  5. Hi everyone. Have a quick question about the Mig 29 variants. In game from the main menu page, controls refer to MiG 29, MiG 29C and the MiG 29G . In game If I make a mission editor mission for Russia, I see Mig 29 A and MIg 29 S How do these variants relate to each other ? Sorry if this has already been answered . C
  6. Hi everyone. Not sure if this is the right Forum but I have a question in connection with Liberation & CA module. Is there a vid showing how you use Combined Arms within Liberation missions ? I asume you do it in the mission planner once you have loaded up Liberation next mission , or do you have to make assignments first in Liberation itself - like you do for flights ? Also can I now use Combined Arms without having to start a new Liberation campaign ? Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks Gianky, I watched a recorded Live stream from Tourniquet and saw the same there. Thanks anyway for your quick reply
  8. Hi everyone. Can anyone describe how you can change planes ie fly more than one mission in the turn. in-game ? What I have tried to do is create two client slots in the Liberation mission planner / turn manager at times that would allow me to finish one mission then star another in a different plane/ flight. However I cant seem to figure out how to do it . Is there a vid or a description of this anywhere ? I could not find anything on youtube... Thanks in advance, Cantankerous
  9. Thanks for the answers, Isegrim and 3WA, much appreciated .
  10. Hi everyone. Is there anyway to tune in your preset radios on the syria map ? Im using the Liberation 'mod' / campaign programme and cant seem to adjust freqencies on the ground . cant seem to find a tutorial vid for this subject either that relates t the syria map. Thanks in advance Cantankerous
  11. Hi everyone. I have a simle question , is it possible to fire the onbard 2a4a Canon without using the shkval to aim it, and simply use a fixed gunsight? ? Thanks in advance Cantankerous .
  12. Hi Everyone. OK so having watched the vids in the thread above ( and being suitably impressed ) I have tried to spend some time improving my skills with the Mig 21 . I see people talk about use of the rudder in turns at low speed 250 - 350 KmPH to gain advantage on F5e and F15s in a downward spiral but I have found it very very difficult to achieve tight turns and avoid stalling once Im on the deck. Once there I have used 100% mil power and rolled the Mig over , applying rudder in a sort of coordinated turn. Im pretty sure Im doing it wrong. Maybe I should be extending once im on the deck and gaining height .... Any good advice ? Thanks in advance C
  13. Hi everyone. Getting back to the FCS planes and am slowly getting to grips with the Mig 29. I note that when I engage the HMS it seems to be quite low in hte cockpit, even when Ilm looking straight at the heads up display. . Im wondering is this my track IR position that is somehow to blame ? Dont have the same issue in the Su 27 though... Many thanks C
  14. Hi everyone. Having flown the SU25T in the Georgian campaigns I had reasonably got the hang of it and after flying other modules decided to give the FC3 SU25 a go , mostly to do Cold war / Afghanistan missions. For many planes people have developed training missions e.g Rudels' JF17 traning mission suite. Does anything similar exist for the SU25 ? Thanks in advance, C
  15. re Tax's post above I would pay for a Hi fidelity version of the Su27/33 . Its good to have different opponents ie not everyone in Blue planes, and Im sure Im not alone in being willing to financially support the game. Ps happy New Year Everyone .)
  16. Hi. I'm not sure what you mean . Is it that the Su27 mass is wrong and that is more important than missiles ?
  17. Hi Falcon S Im not interested in pushing his channel, just interested in his arguments ie that Blue force has defacto had upgrades and the red ones not. Thats all.
  18. Hi everyone. Growling Sidewinder has just released a very interesting video in which he flies a J11 modded to take SD 10s. It's easy to find on his Youtube Channel. He flies against an Aim 120C equipped F15 and it is a very balanced fight. He argues that the developments in datalink and missiles make Blueforce planes very hard to defeat and that the red force planes are fighting with weapons from a time 10 years or more before the Amraams 120 (especially the recent C variants) were introduced . He describes this contest as unbalanced and like clubbing a baby seal. Personally I would agree it would make engagements against F16's much more interesting for both blue and red forces if his suggestion of updating the red side to have effective Fox 3 weapons was taken on by the good people at ED. I have to declare I'm a bit of a Flanker fan so I would love to see this; what do other people think ? C.
  19. Hi everyone. Quick question on LD 10 use; are they any good against ship borne radars ? I hit an Arliegh Burke with 2 but it still kept tracking and launching. I appreciate these vessels have several radars so maybe they simply dont hit hard/accurately enough but has anyone successfully stopped them effectively working as a sam platform ? Thanks in advance. R
  20. Post deleted - sorted it myself !
  21. Yes that indeed makes sense.. thank you.
  22. Thanks ! Ill give that a whirl.
  23. Yes, but I could always sign up for the Beta I presume ? Or is that not possible ?
  24. Is there a typical period until this gets automatically upgraded?
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