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  1. Hi. I'm not sure what you mean . Is it that the Su27 mass is wrong and that is more important than missiles ?
  2. Hi Falcon S Im not interested in pushing his channel, just interested in his arguments ie that Blue force has defacto had upgrades and the red ones not. Thats all.
  3. Hi everyone. Growling Sidewinder has just released a very interesting video in which he flies a J11 modded to take SD 10s. It's easy to find on his Youtube Channel. He flies against an Aim 120C equipped F15 and it is a very balanced fight. He argues that the developments in datalink and missiles make Blueforce planes very hard to defeat and that the red force planes are fighting with weapons from a time 10 years or more before the Amraams 120 (especially the recent C variants) were introduced . He describes this contest as unbalanced and like clubbing a baby seal. Pers
  4. Hi everyone. Quick question on LD 10 use; are they any good against ship borne radars ? I hit an Arliegh Burke with 2 but it still kept tracking and launching. I appreciate these vessels have several radars so maybe they simply dont hit hard/accurately enough but has anyone successfully stopped them effectively working as a sam platform ? Thanks in advance. R
  5. Post deleted - sorted it myself !
  6. Yes that indeed makes sense.. thank you.
  7. Thanks ! Ill give that a whirl.
  8. Yes, but I could always sign up for the Beta I presume ? Or is that not possible ?
  9. Is there a typical period until this gets automatically upgraded?
  10. Great to have the Typhoon on the way. EF2000 by DID was my first proper flight sim. Loved it. very best of luck with everything. Cantankerous...
  11. I have exactly the same confusion... So If I want to fly a MiG 29S then I need to make sure I have hte MiG 29 C keys all mapped and that aircraft selected - Correct ?
  12. Hi everyone sorry Im not ED. Glad to read this post because I have been struggling with the Ka50 Shkval for a while and thought it was me. Clearly Im not alone. Roll on Black Shark 3
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