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  1. This looks great. Its awesome to see people add to the community rather than just moan about billboards or Cyprus!
  2. this is why we dont get bug fixes.....
  3. Admittedly The Ugra focus seems to be on the delivery of Cyprus because everyone wanted it rather than on addressing the defect list. I believe it is a fairly small team, so while its a little frustrating Im not sure I disagree with the approach given how vocal and frankly nasty some of the complaints about the lack of cyprus are. I'm waiting to see what we get once Cyprus is delivered and the focus shifts towards fleshing out the existing content rather than trying to deliver new areas.
  4. it happens in PG so not sure what you're referring to there. I cant say I fly Caucaus enough to say for certain, but that is a much older map so would expect there is far more chance behaves differently. As mentioned in several other forums, the issue relates to transparency and the lack of sediment modelling.
  5. The water transparency is a limitation of the engine currently which was touched on in another thread by an ED member. I have not seen a direct comment that its fixed in the marianas, but the screenshots they are posting indicate that it either is fixed or they are purposefully positioned to avoid the issue.
  6. I agree Syria now shows negative values for the sea bed. fr me the issue is the interaction that happens at -30 and less when the angle is wrong. we either reed a manual override or a work around for that depth
  7. I notice in the last Guam screenshots this has been addressed around the harbour, any idea if that was just the angle of the screenshot or is the map doing something new?
  8. I think the ocean floor texture needs a filter myself. if it was a blueish/greenish color rather than brown it would help with the problem when the water angle goes clear.
  9. Theres several conflicting data points on this, Bassel Al-Assad is noted as having one strip, Khmeimim is noted as having two. The Drive indicates the second is being expanded as of 2017: https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/39113/what-does-russia-have-planned-for-its-lengthened-runway-at-its-air-base-in-syria I dont believe Google earth is a conclusive source myself.
  10. I don't dislike the effect and having spent a bunch of time flying drones over the ocean recently I agree there is a lot more transparency in the costal water that you imagine, but at the same time, the map currently tends to go uber clear on certain angles, this was really obvious in one of the recent Syria videos where all the marinas seemed to be transparent, maybe its a water depth thing, but as much as I like the effect Im not sure its quite right near the coast.
  11. Yes, theres a whole thread on this somewhere else but essentially due to the ED coding if the radio frequency is not statically defined is randomised every update. This generates quite a lot of work to correct for anyone maintaining data, so as I had done a release for the last batch of fields I was goig to tidy it up with the Cyprus release hoping that might make things static for a period, but by all means if you would like to contribute feel free to pass the updated frequencies across in a good format and I'll give you a credit in the next release..
  12. Diagrams are based off the signage that is present on the airfield with the ones that are missing filled in roughly clockwise. If there is no publicly available source data or a signposted name then I run with a logical allocation of taxiways. If different signage is added I update as noiced, but a quick check confirms the taxiways you mentioned are not labelled. Hope that helps.
  13. I run Open Beta, I can confirm per 2.7 that the map extends far enough to encompass Cyprus and LTFG - GAZIPASA AIRPORT Which I believe is the most Western field within the game area and available map where it didn't really before, I cant speak to non-OB and when this change dropped specifically.
  14. So I believe the Map dimensions now encompass the Eastern boundary and Western edge, so provided you don't place a carrier where Cyprus should be I believe you will be ok. I notice since 2.7 the seafloor is also modelled so again you should be right if you place any naval asset in water if it fits (again I notice parts of the map where Cyprus should be are only 10ft under water, so I think you have a fairly good chance of being ok..
  15. shu77

    A-29 Super Tucano

    Thanks to @Rudel_chw Youtube seems to think I need recommendations about the A-29 so heres some footage for you all:
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