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  1. Honestly Ugra has a lot of awesome stuff planned for this map, perhaps more than any other in DCS, the rest of the world will need more devs I reckon.
  2. Its been well documented that ED considers Persian Gulf feature complete, so I believe its pretty unlikely well see any further work until the 'whole world' engine thats been rumored comes into existence and we can fill in the space between Syria and PG at the same time.
  3. Honestly Ive not bothered to explore it as the ATC engine doesnt really support it at the moment.
  4. I think mine are currently as official as youre going to get unfortunately.
  5. I get a few questions about this, but I'm not able to release the STL files as they are not mine to release. The owner of the STL files is building his own and i believe still intends to release when he is finished. The Faceplate can be purchased from Tekadept. I still have no good solution for the electronics, one day I will get motivated to build a breadboard to replace the wiring loom if someone doesnt release a custom PCB in the interim.
  6. 17DEC2020: Version 4.0 Pre-release update to the diagrams in the first post ahead of the expected update, quite a lot of work to do. Will look at what else the update includes and see if I cant add some proper MAGVAR etc. Expect individual diagrams to drop as I get though them though Mandalorian finale tomorrow....
  7. This should be stickied in the Mods forum with the other real mods IMO so that its easier to keep track of.
  8. shu77

    MIG-23 UB

    None of the mods hes posted seem to be his, or reference the original author, or have their consent to upload, doesnt seem to be a way to report them though
  9. shu77

    MIG-23 UB

    Excellent work, I think another guy has published your mod on the files section https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3313756/, you should perhaps put it up yourself and link in the first post so you can maintain control of your work.
  10. My only advice would be: Dont be afraid to do a voice over, it would add a lot to what was otherwise excellent content.
  11. Check my map thread for what I believe is the full list, I dont think these are there unless they have other names
  12. Hey Great Video nice to see this kind of content.
  13. I always enjoy your hornet tutorials redkite, thanks for taking the time to put them together
  14. Keep them coming Overkill you inspire me to get current again
  15. I always find the GR tutorials cover things slightly differently Thanks
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