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  1. Hihi. Yeah. Proboably it simply takes more patience and money to play sims. But I know a couple of kids who play them too and I'm pretty certain that the amount of younger ppl here is a bit higher, but maybe they don't show it. :) Ah, BTW, I didn't feel targeted. :D But for a moment there I thought that you implied what now I know you were not implying. :D I've been building things since I was a kid. And dismantling things, to know how they worked. In most cases it wasn't a cartoon scenario when after putting everything back together you have a ton of "spare parts". :D Of course in some
  2. I could do it even now. I would require additional 61 buttons, another 30-40 m of cable and probably three evenings extra. :) All I'd have to do would be to solder wires to all pathways on the keyboard and then attaching those wires to the board. With all signals "out of the keyboard" I could loose the keyboard casing and hide the keyboard board entirely in the mini-pit casing. there's enough room in there to fit it in. If someone so desires, he/she might try to do it. :) I too at first wanted to make cables for all pathways, but I never wanted to put them all on the panel. That panel is a
  3. Lol. :D Who says I'm a kid? :D Pilotasso, I have a day time job and sort of a private practise too. There are days or even weekes when I work 12-16 hrs a day, day after day. :) But work is not everything and if it is, then one soon goes bananas. :) Making this mini-pit was a damn fine way of forgeting about work after a hard day of work. :D Try it. :P :D Hihi.
  4. HAHAHA. :D That one was purely for fun. :D I suppose it MIGHT work, but it'd be really cumbersome and a player would have to sit very still. This solution is much better: http://forum.lockon.ru/showthread.php?t=14714&highlight=Cyborg+evo and yet it is still very cheap. :) I loved my "Redneck Throttle". :D Haha. It was meant as a joke, but it actually turned out to be working. :) I even used it for some time. As for this one, I was really inspired by the "My New Toy Thread". ~215 dolars for such a thing is too steep price for me. So I thought about making a thing with similar funct
  5. I can't remember what was the first RL thing that caught my attention regarding flying. I know that I was into sailing and flying for as long as I can remember. I do rember though my first flight sim. It was Ace and Ace 2 on Commodore 64. I used to force my brother to play with me in Ace 2 (it was "multiplayer"). He hated it. :D But it was so much better to have a human oponent then the computer controlled one. Then, still on C64, there was Solo Flight. You had to go from airport to airport using VORs to deliver mail. Scenery were just dashes and dots but this was first sim to feature a workin
  6. Ye, gods! It works! <Dr Frankenstein voice on> IT'S ALIVE!!! MUAHAHAHAHHAA! <off> :P All buttons work. I was pretty worried that some cables or solders might've been damaged at some point, but signal goes through all of them, so it works 100%. It's a bit hard to fly without the labels glued on yet (hence the A4 paper you see on the photo), but... after couple of minutes fiddling with it I had all right side controles memorized. BTW, I have an idea how to make good labels. :) In Polish it's called "kalkomania". You buy it in shops for kids. There's a set of color papers
  7. FINISHED! :) Or at least the technical part is finished. All that is left to do now is to put some labels on it and add some sort of gauges or TV screen in the empty area. :) But technically... it's good to go. I'm taking it out for a spin now. :D Cheers!
  8. I managed to download the pictures I made with celular to my PC. Here they are showing the initial state of the gizmo. :)
  9. I'd love to have the version with SFX too. :) So please upload it when you have the time. :) I've seen both movies and they are the ones I wanted. :) But here's another thing: The scene with lot's of bombers dropping their payload is not in those movies. The climate of Unleash Hell is very similar to the climate of that movie I remember. But in that movie there were REALLY long shots of B1B or Tu-160 dropping their payloads on cities. Does anyone remember which movie it was? I haven't been around for a year, so it has to be a movie dating back to 2004. Any hints? :)
  10. God DAMN IT!!! Only 6 cables left to solder to the keyboard and the damn soldering iron overheated so much that it stopped working! I'm trying to cool it down right now using a fan. I hope that it's not broken. If it is... damn, that would be a prefect case for the "Murphy's Laws" book. Only six cables... damn it! EDIT: It started to work again after cooling down. I'm attaching two pictures, one showing the keyboard's board with all the wires and another showing how they stuck out from the casing. So, soldering wires to the keyboard is finished. :) As you probably see, I only made the
  11. Wooow. Niceee one. Guy had to spend a lot of time building this. :O And money too. Hehe, I wouldn't mind if someone made such a pit as a present for me :P , hehe, but for the time being I only have time and money to build what I'm building. :) But... nice pit. :)
  12. All buttons are momentary buttons. 8 switches are momentary switches. Two section, to avoid signal mixing. 6 switches are not momentary switches, but this is on purpose, because these will be for functions that require a held key, like refueling, fuel dumping and ejecting, etc. BTW, I'm writing this post on the semi dismanteled keyboard with already over a dozen wires sticking out of it. I have soldered wires for all buttons located on the left side of the panel. Hopefully I'll manage to solder wires for buttons up to the right handle, leaving only the mechanical and radio switches for tomo
  13. Update: Whole project came to a sudden and painful stop yesterday, when I realised that I can't use the BTC keyboard for it, due to how the pathways on that keyboard are laid. This problem bugged me entire day at work and even after thinking about it for some time, I couldn't find a soultion. Luckily I have several keyboards in my junkyard. After returning home I gathered all of them and dismanteled them all with the help of my brother. It seems to me now, that finding a right keyboard is the most cruicial part of making such a device as mine. Some keyboards had the same pathway solution as
  14. Some more pictures. All buttons are now attached. You may notice a large free area near the right handle. I'm thinking about attaching some sort of fake TV screen there. So far I came up with nothing. Do you people have any idea what might work as a TV screen imitation? :) If not TV... perhaps I'll try ... some gauges. Haha, maybe a small thermometer. :D You may also notice that there are no small buttons. I went to the store today and replaced them. Simple truth is, it would be too hard to mount them. I had some problems deciding which color should go where, but the final outcome seems ok.
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