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  1. The easiest way is to use 11 (or how many) position switches. But it takes away 11 separate buttons at once. This can be a problem if there are not many free buttons left on your controller. The benefit is that its position will always correspond to the position of the switch in the simulator and you will always forget to switch it to its initial position at the start))) As in real life, in fact.
  2. Right now reading updates 2.7 for Viggen and just want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH GUYS!
  3. #мысливслух Сирия нормально не влезает в 16ГБ. А под 16+ надо менять материнку. Больно. Но только карты типа Нормандии или Сирии позволяют хоть немного приблизиться к земле как в реале, чтобы было сложно. И красиво. Если посмотреть любой ролик про самолёты, то картинка всё еще увы не жизнь. Например пар за крыльями может возникать во влажную погоду и на небольших углах атаки (см. ролики с парада победы). В DCS он только на больших углах. И много таких мелочей, которые всё еще не коррелируют с жизнью, т.к. физику всего мира не пересчитать в 60фпс. Или сколько там вам нужно?) Тем не менее,
  4. So the cockpit (textures and materials) can get even more detailed when it works?
  5. This is the best way to immerse yourself in old technologies and the limitations they carried. All these buttons, switches, radar ... The module is made with love and he (Viggen) is controlled (I mean the pleasure of piloting) no worse than many modern aircraft. Viggen is made in an unusual, but very original way. I advise you to watch documentaries about him, after which I could no longer deny myself a purchase, which I rejoice every time I aim with mavericks or drop bombs)
  6. I already thought about making a controller with two knobs or buttons to control EP 13 :D Random picture for example)
  7. @Flappie oh c'mon, it's a stealth Viggen variant! ))))
  8. @Machalot I confirm. Tested in flight, shows only the status of the pylons.
  9. I thought about another situation where the current coordinates are blocked by pressing the safety bracket. Yesterday, when I flew and set the M point, then in the TAKT mode after clicking on the waypoint, zeros were really shown. I'll try check tonight.
  10. Are there any discussions in this forum about the appearance of JA-37 in DCS?)
  11. I think yes. Everything is highlighted.
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