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  1. Took me a while to find these pics. I know they didn't carry them for reals. But I think because we can in DCS, we should. Kind of like an awesome "what if"?
  2. Dumb question, can't find the thread that might address this. Things might have changed under 2.7 Here's video from a couple years ago. What he did doesn't completely work now. So, I've modified the FA-18C .lua file to make the MERs available with MK82s available on all five stations. I can get 30 bombs on the plane as shown in some fun demonstration pics from the late 1970s and early 1980s. But when I try to actually use them, it seems the plane only recognizes two of the six bombs on the station. The UFC and the Stores page both show all the
  3. I always wondered what the F-18L was going to turn out like. There's not much info I could find about development as the moratorium on exports to Iran killed a deal with Northrop that was for something like 400 units of the F-18L model. That land based model was supposed to be developed and built with Northrop as the prime and McDonnel-Douglas as the secondary, a reverse of the agreement for the F/A-18 which was being developed at the same time. Hornet performs darned well even with all the folding wings and carrier gear and other naval requirements weight. Land model would have
  4. I use Nvidia texture tool exporter. It's a process by which you work on the skin template in PSD format, then pull that up in the exporter and save/export as DDS file. https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-texture-tools-exporter
  5. Keeping an eye on this. Great work. Hoping two seat might at least have multiplayer observer in second seat? I can hope, anyways. Enjoying watching the progress.
  6. Uploaded an easier skin to start with. I'm a real sucker for retro stuff, especially 1960s and 1970s US Navy liveries. VA-93 Ravens A-7 Corsair II livery for Hornet while we wait for the actual Corsair II to be released.
  7. I have a question related to uploading skins. I have worked on building the full series of "prototype" full scale development Hornets number 2 through 9 and I am asking whether it's proper to upload individually or in one large entry that has them all in one? I don't want to anger the community in my first offering by committing some faux pax? All one file entry? Or individually?
  8. And here's some in game screens. For some, it will be eternally boring. For others, it will be flash back to their childhood.
  9. So, this project is finally coming together. Here's #2-#9. In addition, I've done the BuNo 161248 which was the first pilot production model that did a lot of cool stuff in showing the 18 was indeed worthy. Some still disagree today. LOL.
  10. Thanks. More coming. Just polish and in game glamor shots.
  11. Someone stop me. I'm having too much fun. FSD No6 and the first low vis paint job FSD No 9. I don't have quite enough pics of No 9. I haven't added the parachute '18s on the FSD 6 yet. And as always, if you have info on these FSD aircraft, speak up. It's hard getting images of them.
  12. Absolutely of interest! Thanks.
  13. Here's a couple screens. DCS is amazing right out of the box, honestly. I remember salivating over Lock On before it was released. Who knew DCS would grow out of it? FSD 9 is the original "military colors" paint job, sans bort numbers and even, it appears, FSD number. BuNo 161248 was the one that flew the the 1,200 nautical mile demo. I'm going to pore over those pics linked, MPalmer.
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