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  1. im not enough good in lua scripting to use moose or mist but i found another script that works for me local staticObj = { ["heading"] = 0, ["groupId"] = 3, ["shape_name"] = "rescuer_stretcher", ["type"] = "rescuer_stretcher", ["unitId"] = 3, ["rate"] = 100, ["name"] = "blesse", ["category"] = "Fortifications", ["y"] = 709525, ["x"] = -308713, ["dead"] = false, } coalition.addStaticObject(country.id.USA, staticObj)
  2. hi, i already know how to hide delete a static objet with: StaticObject.getByName('rescuer_stretcher'):destroy() in game this is simulating a static object "stretcher body" boarding my mi8, i would like the opposite spawning a static object so i can simulate a stretcher unloading my cargo. unfortunately there is no activate or late activation with static object.
  3. Hospital callsign on hellipad mod doesn't seem to work, tried all of them and they don't appear in game on the ATC radio list.
  4. so i've got this unit i placed manually in the editor, i load it in the mi8 cargo with f10 ctld menu now the problem is when i unload it in a zone the trigger doesn't work. i red somewhere it's because ctld kill the unit once it's loaded and the new unit is not recognised after this. any idea how i could make this to work ?
  5. hello community I am trying to setup a sar helicopter mission with a body to rescue, i want to send a message and transmission when he's inside the cargo but in condition trigger i don't see "unit in cargo" or a way to detect something has boarding the helo:helpsmilie: can't use waypoint embark to trigger this because the unit is injured hiker and he's static.
  6. heyo, is there a way to remove static landing farp and oil plateform for helicopter
  7. just installed last update 1.8.3 and getting this FSX2ACMI.exe infected by Gen:Variant.Fugrafa.35927
  8. these thing do not work over 20feet with low gamma, they are just powerful taxi lamp :(
  9. I see i understand why laser rocket are so inacurate right now.
  10. Rapier: FA launcher FSA HAWK: hcw search radar CWAR hs radar system SR ht hawk launcher roland: RLS radar EWR RLT launcher ADS nm i saw you updated the list
  11. coudn't find any google answer but what are flexcam and powerline worker mod ?
  12. hello , i have a question about dcs bios and multiple airframe, as i own several planes in dcs i don't want to build 50 cockpits, so is it possible to build a switch box that would work with multiple airframe ? does dcs bios support mapping keybind, for example i press a switch and in game i get "control" + "T"
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