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  1. Hello Guys, I bought VAICOM Pro + Voice Attack. It's really good and I have just one problem about the kneeboard. I understand if I call "Kneeboard", it appears or disappears and it is the case. But it appears or disappears in many cases, for example when I make a little noise with my mouth or my warthog or my mouse or .... Problem with VAICOM or VoiceAttack ? If you have an explanation/solution for me, thks a lot
  2. I will try more CAS missions. I like the Pontus Campaign concept. Thks a lot for your work
  3. I have the same problem. I did at least 10 missions and it seems I have always same tasks to do. I did 2 strategic strikes to kill some enemy VIP but I have the feeling to not progress Any ideas ? How can I be sure to progress ? Thks
  4. Hi, I just discovered your campaign and it's fantastic, very immersive. Thks a lot for your work. I have the same issue at the end of the mission 03. Any news ?
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