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  1. thanks, but already knew about that one.
  2. Allthough we (http://www.cockpits.666th.com) have the biggest resource for mil.cockpit-pics on the web, there are still things to wish for. I haven't been able to get my hands on cockpit-pics of the following aircraft: -------israel ac.------- gnut Republic RC-3 Seabee Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) Kfir C-2 / TC-2 / C-7 IAI Nesher IAI Technolog IAI 'Seascan'Hebrew nickname: 'Shahaf' ('Seagull') IAI`Nesher` (`Eagle`) De Haviland Venom Hughes 500 M-D\TOW Defender DO-28 Agur (or Crane) Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina Beechcraft King Air (Hebrew nickname: Tzufit) ----------Eu
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