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  1. Yea, I also noticed that buying the old module and upgrading is cheaper than buying the new II module outright.
  2. Yellow is gauge color, red is instrument lighting via the lighting panel, blue is NVG lighting via the UV lighting panel, and turning on both gives you white lit gauges FYI.
  3. Half of that one is 3D printed as well, lol. I think the world is telling me I need a 3D printer....
  4. That's cool.......but by the time I buy a printer I'd think I'd be in TPR territory, lol.
  5. Received mine, excellent product.
  6. The pairs firing is because you have your release mode set to pairs on the armament panel. It has always done this for me, and I never load rockets so it's not dependent on having rockets on board. I haven't noticed a change in firing from switching to nav mode, I'll have to try it next time I fly.
  7. "half-duplex" isn't a thing, the word you're looking for is "simplex". duplex is dual simplex.
  8. Only issues with track files I've had is DCS crashing trying to start them, but once it starts it ran 100% exact as flown, including an hour and half long formation flight and formation landing with like 10 aircraft on the GR server. I think all the tricks posted in all the threads here helps, do not fast forward, do not touch it for 10 minutes while the flight starts, only replay on the exact version of DCS that recorded it, ect.
  9. You can convert a track to a mission file assuming you are using the same DCS version the track was recorded on just by renaming it, then add a new flyable aircraft, then fly the new aircraft while your previous aircraft follows your old track file flight. That's what I mean by track to mission.
  10. I think as a stop-gap measure possible immediately, implementing something like Nvidia's SPS and AMD's version would help the VR guys out. Reduced CPU load in another game 10-30% because of rendering 2 separate views, it renders 1 view with 2 offset viewports. Nvidia's 20 series cards also allows it to work seamlessly with canted VR displays, and I think it works on 10 series cards as well. I have no idea if DCS uses SPS now for VR users.
  11. Did you try to fly your routine, track to mission, then add another aircraft and fly the new one?
  12. My KA50 leans to the right, I just let it be.
  13. Also noticed difference in how rotor blades are rendered at low RPM between the eyes. Left eye sees blades individually, right sees blurred blades like they are at high RPM.
  14. Deleted config folder, now works. Now I get to play the configure everything again DCS mini-game.
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