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  1. Can you exit the game, then open the game again and tell me if it still works for you? For me deleting user data is fixing it for the first game launch.
  2. Here. Crashing came back, sometimes it works just fine and sometimes it doesn't, on a fresh install. Something is probably broken in the game code for some of us sadly...
  3. It would be nice if you attach crash log here also, so we can determine faster if our crashing issues are somehow interconnected
  4. That's the reason we must have nice wallpapers, especially after big DCS update
  5. Sadly it seems that issue is random and sometimes game will launch and work perfectly and sometimes it will crash at second mission load multiple times in a row independent of options.lua, we are at square one. EDIT: At least it works when you first start a mission so, it's not completely broken
  6. It's something in C:\Users\yourusername\Saved Games\DCS\Config folder that is causing the crash.
  7. Those are 100% safe to save in my case, there is probably only 1 file in that whole Config folder that is creating some conflict but currently I don't have energy and time to find out which specific one it is EDIT: those 4 were just most important to me so I tested it with them first and got it working
  8. After adding back my old user data to the SavedGames/DCS folder it started crashing again. I found out it was something in the old Config folder that is causing it, I only transfered my old per jet inputs, inputuserprofiles, snapviews and options.lua Everything is working now. Thanks everyone for the help, if others have the same issue now we know where to look for
  9. Good news, reinstall and no previous user data fixed it, I will try to add my old user data and see if it does it again.
  10. I will do complete reinstall and start the game without previous user data and report back, just to clear that variable out of the way.
  11. Already did that issue remains Don't know if it was clear that I can reopen the game after crash and again load any mission without issues, but second try will crash it again
  12. In my case it was again recreated as DCS EDIT: maybe because I am using steam version?
  13. I only have folder named DCS there, I deleted it, issue remains. I looked at the logs it points to a broken usage of d3d11.dll, game is trying to access stuff that isn't there anymore on the second load by the looks of it EDIT: just checked, DirectX is up to date
  14. As the title says I get DCS to crash everytime when I try to load mission for the second time, it doesn't have to be exact same mission. First time it will always load fine and work without issues. dcs.log-20210414-155935.zip DxDiag.txt EDIT: Issue is actually not occuring everytime you launch the game but is much more likely to happen than working fine.
  15. If she can take off, fly and land MiG-29... then she can fly 95% of the modules including F-16, F-18... they have much more advanced avionics with FBW, auto trim etc... DCS is primarily about flying and MiG-29 flight model seems very accurate at the current state. I get it you like full fidelity modules, I do too, I like it when everything is clickable and simulated truthfully, doing startup procedure, emergency procedures... is half+ of the fun for me and I can't wait for full fidelity MiG-29A, I don't care what version we get because DCS shouldn't be about what is current
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