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  1. They don't seem to.
  2. There will of course be practical limitations... Largely outside our control. Braedon
  3. Just as a side note for informational purposes, the only difference between the Fixed Wing (regular) version and the WIP verion is the catapult length and any animations that go along with that. The rest of the model is identical, To make the 2 models, I litterally export one, turn off one set of objects (the shuttle and it's animation), and turn on another (an identical shuttle and it's slightly different animaton), and export the second. The same applies to the collison shell. Export one, turn off the extended part of the deck collision shell off the bow in front of the catapu
  4. F-18's have always had the ability to land, unless you had issues with the arrestor gear. You can land an Su-33 on it if you wish (the SFM? doesn't play nicely with it's nose wheel however). Wip and non-wip version the difference is the length of the catapult. The WIP has it at the correct value of ~43m, the regular one has a length of ~85m which helps everything take off properly. The WIP one is for if I ever work out how to fix it so that any aircraft can use it at MTOW without disintegrating (which I think is more a function of the aircraft than the carrier, but anyway?)
  5. ================================================================== NOTICE: (April 7, 2021) HMAS Melbourne v1.1 is updated on ED's User Files for download. ================================================================== Thanks to @mmarques and @Helles Belle for fixes and testing. The failure to catch the arrestor wires that some were experiencing and some of the AI issues to do with taxiing and the catapult should be fixed. Minor enhancement to the model included. Cheers Braedon
  6. No idea, not in my hands, I'm on the periphery of it. I doubt there will be a tracer mod with it, but again, not something I have control over.
  7. If you can handle multiple 5GB+ PSB files, sure... I'll have to make them presentable tho.
  8. That is odd, given that the LUA and the model for the Melbourne and WIP are identical other than the catapult length? The Collision mesh is the same too except for the catapult work-around. I'll see if there are any differences that have snuck in. Braedon
  9. I will make that change for the next itteration. Thanks. The comment that came with the pic was that it was a touch and go. Though I think he would have picked a calmer day for it. Not rulling out it was a photoshop landing tho... I posted it on the HMAS Melbourne groups facebook page and none of them indicated it was impossible, but no-one confirmed it either. Braedon
  10. Some intrepid aviator may have given it a go at least once.
  11. Noted. Thanks, will change for a future release. That lives in entry.lua, change this line and I will incorporate in the next build. ... info = _("HMAS Melbourne R21, Australia's last fixed wing aircraft carrier. Served between 1955 and 1982 operating Sea Venoms, Gannets, A-4 Skyhawks, S-2 Trackers, Wessex, and Sea King helicopters."), ... Yeah, I have been fighting the AI for about 3 months in all the inconsistent ways it wants to not work, and then occasionally be flawless, and then not work again. Until I learn more about the great unkno
  12. The S-2 does not vcome with the mod, no. One that is postable here may be in development, but I won't be making promises for other people's work here.
  13. The AI seems to play by it's own rules sometimes. It has issues on one machine that you don't see on others. Will keep my eye open for it.
  14. There are 2 downloads, I had to split it to fit inside the 300MB upload limit for the user files. Please make sure to download both.
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