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  1. Easily could be the deflection isnt being decreased with airspeed. I usually disengage nws about 50-75 IAS and ensuring I dont go full ab from a stop, ease into the throttle and its much more controllable. It is a light airframe to begin with so wind only complicates the issue.
  2. I had a similar issue with the z axis on the tm16000 joystick for rudder input. Found the internals had become worn enough to supply input without touching them. The TM16000/TWCS series is known for wearing faster than something like an X52 and having this issue, I bought a new one online for like $50usd and it fixed my issue. If money is an issue you can try calibrating or increasing the deadzone in axis tune. May get lucky, I didnt....When these are done for I'll be going back to saitek they just last so much longer for the same price range I've had an x52 last 9 years of constant use bef
  3. Figured it is but in case it wasn't wanted it on their radar that we noticed lol
  4. Thanks for the updated MV2 link. Downloading now mine is broked....
  5. LifeReapr

    Easy refueling

    Haven't attempted refueling yet but if these 2 things aren't in please add a big +1 to the vote on implementing.
  6. When they are released I am hoping they put in the nose wheel door texture template...hint hint DEVS I'd like to be able to put an ADCC name on a livery :)
  7. I was a crew chief and launched this airframe (block 40 and 30) many years, a few things I noticed off the word "GO" for realism: *FLCS BIT should show a cycling of flight controls as it cycles through its checks. Basically they were overall aggressive jerky motions of various ranges in main flight control surface. The LEF's would also cycle full up, down and settle in 2 degree up position. *JFS Doors do not open on JFS start 2, no JFS exhaust heat rendering or flame animations while it spools
  8. For the steam users, is this the DCS install folder in steamapps or is this the one in users saved games folder?
  9. Only had it a day and already enjoying what is there. Yes there are tweaks needed and more functions added but its a functional airframe atm. 100% its not worth the $79 price tag with what you have currently but I bought for nostalgia as I was a crew chief on them in USAF.
  10. Same issue here. Doing a F-5E-3 livery and I cant get any F-5 model livery to load from E model or standard. Yesterday I was able to get the standard F-5 to load but not the F-5E-3, now it even struggles to do that. Can load most other aircraft liveries, now and then it needs to be restarted to detect them...beyond annoying having to judge changes on a mission editor livery preview - please fix. I did notice with other aircraft the livery wont load majority of the time unless i use the .edm instead of .lods like I see done in video's. F-5E-3 does not have a f-5e3.edm but has 4 sequenti
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