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  1. ED actually made an effort recently to revamp the manual. In the said folder \DCS World 2\Doc there is the new DCS User Manual EN 2020.pdf It covers all the basics of the editor, the various triggers and conditions as well as the advanced waypoint actions (pages 79 to 350). What it lacks is some tutorials or walk through example. This existed in the past as an PDF that came along the DCS installation. I can't find it anymore however... I used that to get into mission building with the editor years ago...
  2. Anyone tried this with the new Syria map or The Channel, Normany, Nevada? No complaints so far so I assume I correctly guessed the identifier of the map in DCS and everything is working as expected? Thanks for trying, Happy flying!
  3. Definitely the last option ChillNG, I kept the F10 menu open so I would guess thats exactly it: "[...] it is possible that you selected an option that was still showing but was actually now something else"
  4. Hi ChillNG, My first attempt to mission 3 ... really nice twist ! Would have never guessed. You are very creative. I really enjoy flying that mission as well. Pretty hard to spot stuff... and I broke it again :pilotfly: Not sure you can do anything about it. I will try tomorrow again and I'm sure to perform better. Thanks for the outstanding work and effort put in this. So many small details that make the scenario believable and immersive. Nice!
  5. @MobiSev, hi all Investigated the last days the topic of scenery destruction and made some adjustments. From now on only scenery that has a "destroyed" model will be exploded. Scenery without will just disappear. This limits the number of explosions at mission start quite a bit, as e.g. light poles and fences do not explode anymore... it also counters excessive destruction or self-accelerating destruction chains that sometimes develop. You still need the F10 option to switch off scenery destruction persistence? I would implement this and release a new improved version soon.
  6. Hi, Recently I started putting audio in one of my missions and settled on the following combo https://ttsmp3.com/ -> text to MP3 with https://convertio.co/en/ -> MP3 to WAV To me as a non-native speaker it sounds convincing. Having no problem with above generated WAV files in the editor.
  7. Hi zionid, In theory Project Dynamism will be only needed on the host (dedicated server) and all saves and recreations of battle damages should happen automatically. I tested running both a dedicated server and regular DCS on my machine (localhost). Connecting to the server hosted mission I could then use the F10 menu and everything worked as expected. Note that essentially it is not needed to use the F10 menu as for regular use all should happen automatically.
  8. Hi MobiSev, Regarding point 1: destructions to units, statics and scenery are saved and recreated at next mission start. This does not include an updated position of alive units (wrecks are placed at the destruction site though). From your comments I think you are referring to a complete state save, including the last position of units. To port this to a following mission requires to create a miz file (there is no teleport command at mission runtime). This is not implemented yet. Point 2: "Destruction Report [ON/OFF]" refers to all destructions be it units, statics or scenery. It is not
  9. Hi MobiSev, Thanks for the feedback. Let me try to answer your questions. 1. Persistence of Airbases Currently persistence of captured airbases is not implemented. It is just about whether a base is blue/red/neutral? You know whether this could be achieved via LUA script? Workaround could be to spawn a unit. Aim for the future is to persist the airbase warehouse levels and (runway) damage. This however will require to create a miz file, currently Project Dynamism modifies it at mission runtime. 2. Selective Persistence Not implemented yet but could be made available. Is it only a
  10. Nice! Just finished mission two after 4 attempts over the last days. 1st I was too impatient 2nd I was shot down by SAM 3rd some trigger / script failure 4th everything went smooth and enjoyable During 3rd somehow my F10 radio menu got messed up. Being handed over from Whiplash to Condor instead of an entry of "F9 - Contact Condor" I had my wingman commands a second time (the various formations) in the list... no way to contact Condor... switched all radios and frequencies but to no avial... I could not reproduce it today... Thanks for the immersive mission. Looking forward to pl
  11. Hi ESAc_matador, There shoud be no problem. Project Dynamism does not impose a naming convention of units nor will it change them. Destroyed units however will be removed [ Obj.destroy() ] on mission start and be replaced by a wreck static unit spanwed at the correct position and heading. The destroyed proxies do not have the original unit name but get some kind of sequential id like '90001' (standard behaviour of MIST). Hope it works! Let me know about your success integrating it with CTLD.
  12. Hi kraszus, Please PM or e-mail (project.dynamism@outlook.com) me the old username and e-mail combination you used. I will then delete your old account so you can sign up fresh. Alternatively I can also reset the password if you wish to not lose your data / progress.
  13. The code is not public to protect the server API, but hosted on GitLab as private projects. Volunteer C# and Angular developers are welcome to collaborate. We will define what could be a good entry point and how to share the work and credit.
  14. Project Dynamism - Release Version 1.0 Dear all, Thank you for your continued interest in Project Dynamism. I'm happy to announce the release of version 1.0 which leads over from the public test phase to stable. The project website is now online. https://dynamism.stoxtime.com/ - News and Features - Download and Donation - Comprehensive Instructions with Screenshots. Also a new forum thread was started. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=283500 - Please use above official one instead of this old test version thread. The following improvements were introduced:
  15. Hi ChillNG, Downloaded all 4 released campaign missions and flew the first one some weeks ago. I really liked it. Very immersive, totally well done. Professional voice overs and procedures. Nice idea with the optional dialogs. Looking forward to try out the second mission... or refly the first... a third time then :music_whistling: First time I got the coordinates of the shooting range wrong. Typed them right from hearing into the CDU... and ended up in Saudi Arabia... Destination was believable as an US ally, but was wondering about the radio silence. So you might consider a "
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