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  1. Spotted this in the Syria map
  2. Think my reply to that is " ME DUMMY!!!! ", never even thought of that.....
  3. I was doing some testing of the SLAM ER missile on the F18, fired missile successfully in TOO mode and hit both targets in Fire and Forget. I did not use any STP's I then attempted the same targets again, this time in PP mode and entered the WPNT DATA for the required WPNT held on the HSI DATA PAGE into the MISSILE MSN PAGE, again in FIRE and FORGET MODE, without STP's, both missiles missed the target by a considerable distance. I next tried using the LAT LONG co-ords obtained from the F10 MAP in PP MODE and this time in FIRE and FORGET MODE without STP's, successfully
  4. On our multiplayer server we have had a problem where some users where not able to re-arm using the station drop down menus, this was experienced on the F16, F18, A10C aircraft. The problem seemed to be quite random in who got the problem and who did not, in one case could get F16 and A10C station drop down menus, but not the menus on F18. Another had no problems with F18 and F16, but no menus on the A10C. The saved preload menu, and liveries worked fine for all users, and the fuel load and counter measures seemed to work correctly. If the loadout that was loaded from t
  5. Track File:- https://www.dropbox.com/s/g2q6pgr7hb4ax9t/possible bug.trk?dl=0 I have been trying out the new AGM 84D SEA RADAR targeting and have experienced a few that I consider to be bugs, but acknowledge that the features I am trying to use may not have been fully implemented, Basically there are three areas that I am having problem with:- Missile flight height, I have tried numerous different times with different flight heights, in the track file I release the missiles at around 1500 to 2000 AMSL with flight set to LOW. The missiles drop and ad
  6. As a follow up to this problem. there may actually be three problems here, the first quite correctly reported as the country that the AWACS is assigned to, the second a time issue, and thirdly if simple radio is used. I fixed the COMMS problem in a mission our group uses by changing the AWACS country from "combined joint task force" to "USA". In the original mission the CJTF AWACS would respond "CLEAR" and then not function again. In the version 2 , initially the USA AWACS worked correctly in all functions, but as the mission progressed the AWACS stopped responding and data on the F18/
  7. During an AUTO start in the F18 I am seeing a series of "LED" ZEROS just above the UFC COMM1 and COMM2 channel selector knobs. The artifacts appear just after the RIGHT ENGINE is started and the RIGHT GENERATOR comes on line. They remain there until COMM1 and COMM2 turned on.
  8. I have had the same problem in different maps, I recently started using the "combined joint task force" setting and that's when my problems started. The group I belong to tested a new mission build last night using Syria map with the AWACS in the "combined joint task force" setting and AWACS would only give CLEAN and MERGED messages nothing else, this morning I have just tried as suggested above and set it as USA and it works as it should. ALL other aircraft in BLUE coalition are set to "combined joint task force". As a follow up I set it up as a UK aircraft and it again worked correctly, a
  9. I had the same problem, tried the fix "try going to savedgames/MissionEditor/settings.lua and deleting the line listing the soundPath" and I also moved the file shown in the soundpath out of my sound folder, first try seems to be successful
  10. Had similar problem tonight on a multiplayer session, no-one saw the FLOLS overlay as it failed to appear for all users (six users online at the time). Tested it in single player and appears to work as advertised
  11. We had the same problem flying with 6 A/C this evening, I kept hearing my number all the time, even though I had not asked for the re-join, others were saying that they heard their number in similar situations.
  12. I have had a similar problem, I made 3 flights to depart from Lincoln, the flight I was lead of spawned around the deck and were blocked by other aircraft set to depart on a switch latter in the mission. I could taxi as I was in the first spot near the forward cats, but No. 2 spawned just forward of the island in a slot blocked by other aircraft. I have tried numerous ways to overcome this and the only way was by using LATE ACTIVATION, which sort of ruins the effect of a deck full of aircraft on start. Would/Could it be possible to select slots for AI as at an airfield, then it would be po
  13. While building a mission I used a TRIGGER ZONE AND TRIGGER to illuminate the German searchlights. This worked fine. During the mission bombs dropped close to one of the illuminated searchlights and the game crashed. I made a quick test mission to check if it was the light causing the problem as I had not had this problem before I illuminated the lights. 1/ I tried first with searchlight OFF, hitting the searchlight and destroying it without problem 2/ Tried with searchlight ON and just as weapon hit game crashed 3/ Tried again with trigger zone of 500 feet around the searchlight an
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