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  1. Yes that is what I was thinking as well and I made a post about it in the DCS wish list subforum. Of course I am being shouted down by those that have no ability to see the benefit and do not want to fly the tanker because they think it would be boring. The freedom for mission planning would be huge. No more compromises of where to put tankers in relation to the mission objectives. You could simply call the tanker pilot and adjust the point to meet and make dynamic adjustments to alt, speed and direction. Not having to script the tankers is one less thing to worry about. Also the immersion fac
  2. Anyone else have issues with the kneeboard popping up with random words? I find it sometimes triggers when in game ATC or AWACS talks. Especially when AWACS says "Hot". Saying AWACS or JTAC also closes the kneeboard.
  3. I think if I said "I wish ED would send everyone a Free Puppy with every purchase of a module" there would be people saying how bad of an idea it is and that not everyone wants a puppy. Some of you are thinking way too hard about this.lol Also everyone thinks they don't want a puppy, until they get one in their hands.
  4. Ya it would really add a lot to the sim for sure. I doubt making a tanker module is even on their list of things to consider. ED has already got way too much on their list. Looking at how long it takes to get a module ready for early access, it would likely be years until we saw one even if they said yes they are going to do it.
  5. I definitely would not go into a public server of randos and expect anything but Tom Foolery and Shinnanigans. I am talking more for the organized groups on private servers that are actually trying to run legit ops.
  6. Being able to take the controls of the various tanker planes or maybe even just one like the S3 and having basic in cockpit control to control the refueling process would be good for a start. But being a Boomer in VR would be fun on the KC's. It would definitely give a lot more reality to the missions if we could avoid using the pre-canned in game radio calls and talk to a real person and pilot to make last minute course deviations to accommodate the strike package. Being a boomer would be a blast. Being able to control the boom connection as well as having the physics of the "tanker tow" that
  7. If only it had the ability to be a tanker to. It would be fun to be the tanker pilot for a change.
  8. Hasn't this module been in dev since 2012?
  9. i have noticed the same thing and it also happens in mission sometimes but corrects itself after maybe a minute. I am running steamvr beta but the non public beta version since i was getting frequent crashes. I am using one of the other steamvr beta options. cant remember which and not at my PC now. It fixed the frequent steamvr crashes though.
  10. I am running the 2.1.7 beta aviators and Sound module 2.26 and I noticed that some effects like wing fold in the F18 do not always work. I have to check and uncheck the box and sometimes restart sound module and aviators software for it to start working again. Then it will just randomly stop working. Other effects always work like gear and buffet, AB and fuel probe.
  11. Because then you would be happy, and we can't have happy people around these parts.
  12. A flyable A-6 with the ability to be the Bombardier also with other players just like the F14 will be a lot of fun.
  13. I am going to have to test this as well. I have reprojection on in steamvr and 2080ti with 9900ks 5.1ghz. I reinstalled windows 10 and DCS of course and getting way smoother perf. I even turned on HT again and see no issues with it on. So I am wondering if peoples issues can be a result of needing to reinstall DCS. maybe after a few updates it starts to get pretty messy in the registry and DCS subfolders. After DCS has been updated a few times I notice that clearing shaders etc does nothing to help performance. I did also increase paging file to 32gb min and 64gb max. I still get random fps sp
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