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  1. I would expand this one to the north-west to combine it with the Persian Gulf and den Syria Map. DCS would have it's first "global" region, where exchange rate deviations in navigation occur, because the the distance, you could fly. The next step could be expanding the Persian Gulf map to the south and south-east, including the Red Sea and more of the Gulf of Oman and the northern Arabian Sea. Or expanding the Syria Map with another map, to merge the Mediterranean Sea with the Caucasus Map. Expanding this to the north, they could add the region of the Kosovo war or to t
  2. This is a) 30 years ago, as most of the surroundings weren't build, so the winds were higher out there in the desert and b) dunes can "hike", as you know. They aren't static. Some 15 miles out east of Minhad there are some high sand dunes, like in the book described. But some more dunes in general would be good, if only static.
  3. I placed some Hornets from the red side to illustrate something and noticed, that the Iranian Hornets got cover tarpaulin, but the US Navy ones didn't. Would like to see those covers on all static Hornets. PersGulf_SKC_2-7.miz
  4. Apaches alone didn't do this job. Without the MH-53J Special Operations Pave Low helicopters, they had to do it another way.
  5. Then, the TACAN channel should be checked, if it's not a fixed one, like the airports. Or you were out of range.
  6. I would recomment this. You can use the BRT/SBL/etc 2-way switches on the corners of each MFD. I do that in the Hornet, as well. The upper ones for the radios, for example. I have to tune the brightness so seldom, that I can use the mouse for that. With that setup, you have 7 OSB on each side of the MFD.
  7. Yeah, in further tests, the TORs are good in defending other SAM systems.
  8. Hi @Wags and ED Team, I know the Persian Gulf map is already feature complete, so I don't know if this is more a wish or a "bug" report in the meaning of realism. I just compared the Shahid Bahonar Port near Bandar Abbas in DCS and Google maps. This port is an important harbor to the Iranian fleet, first of all for its submarine fleet. But if you watch the images, for the rest of its fleet as well. The complete right (east) side of the center port is prepared for warships. The far eastern bay/port is already parked with dozens of Iranian Navy ships. This har
  9. Is this a mod or a planned DCS feature by ED? Do you have any link or source?
  10. I wonder, how a shoulder launched IR missile and its operator could see and track a high speed ARM, like the HARM.
  11. It would be a nice feature, to set up up to 3 sequences of waypoints for different missions in one missionfile.
  12. I'm a TrackIR User, too. I don't know, how difficult the real alignment with a screen is, but I want the Hornet to be real, as possible. A option would be nice, if it is that difficult, as you described it.
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