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  1. Are there any departure or approach charts for OMDM? I know, it's an military airbase, but there are also charts for Nellis (for instance), so maybe.
  2. I would estimate, that the visual differences of the different seasons are not that clear, as in Europe or another country in a temperate climate zone. My cousin lives in the VEA and every European winter, he sends me photos of his area and it looks like a nice summer day here in Germany. So, at least in the South of the map, we should not get this visual winter, like in the Caucasus map.
  3. That's on my wishlist, too. A terrainmesh for the partial Saudi Arabia, Kuweit and little part of Iraq and at least, the military airbases. Or another map, which connects the Persian Gulf and the Syria Map. And then a partial "global" map for theat region.
  4. A Channel called "US Military" says "China shocked" ... Wonder, how the US Americans could argue, that the Sovjets and Russia are did/doing propaganda TV.
  5. Look here: https://www.milais.org/publications.php Under GEMIL FLIP MAP and then "Air Refueling Anchors" for the charts. Edit: Here is one example:
  6. I had charts for the real tanker tracks of the Luftwaffe over Germany and the Northern Sea. Will see, if I find it on my HDD. Edit: I already found this in the ATP_3342(B)_AAR_FixedWing_Rendezvous:
  7. That's the sense of developing new weapons: Technologic superiority. The opposite is mass of weapons and/or plattforms. That's warfare in a nutshell. It hasn't to be "fair" or balanced. And DCS isn't a Battlefield (or any other multiplayer balanced game), it's a simulation.
  8. First of all, I didn't flew the last 4 years, so maybe my perspektive is another as for the ones of you, who lived with every update. For myself, it's like to see anyone, who I saw not for years and he lost some 20 Kilogramm for example. (best comparison I know) I looked at the Black Sea Map (and IMO it should called Blacksea map, not Caucasus anymore, beacuse of the whole region) and was stunned at the map size, it get in the last years. I already flew LOMAC and Flaming Cliffs, so I know the old Caucasus map, with the Krim peninsula. Now, the map is whole 815 NM x 46
  9. I understand. Seems, the modern subs use the WWII attack style, which ED implemented with the WWII assets pack, so they dive only to periscope depth. Sad, that there are no torpedos for AI helos/aircraft.
  10. Yeah, I read that part. I was more concerned in the US types. Did you trie to attack with a complete dive, so that they can't attack you with their gun?
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