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  1. https://dcs-bios.readthedocs.io/en/latest/index.html
  2. Auth error, AV-8 and F-14 Same, except it's the AV-8B and the F-14, both of which I own. If I remove both modules and reinstall both, the last one that gets installed is the only one I have available in the main screen. This happens in both OpenBeta and release.
  3. That will be great, I will be following. I recently purchased the leap motion module for use with Valve Index which I'm anxiously awaiting.
  4. Greetings, Does anyone have any experience with Leap Motion or know if finger tracking with that device is supported in DCS?
  5. Has any additional progress been made on this project?
  6. Good advice here, you don't need to spend $3k on a new system. In fact you can build a killer system for less than $1500, not counting VR, that's all over the place price wise. VR isn't quite there yet either unless you are shelling out big bucks for the Valve headset. Go with an AMD Ryzen 8 core or more processor. Pretty much beyond 8 cores on the current generation anyway. That will save a ton of money over Intel. Stick with Nvidia (yes I know their prices suck). I wouldn't go over a 2070 super, that seems to be the sweet spot for 1080P gaming. 4K is still too damn expensive. I woul
  7. Technically if you had two video cards you could use qemu-kvm with a Windows 10 virtual and use GPU passthrough for gaming and get damn near bare metal performance using the actual Nvidia drivers. This has already been done for other Windows games for those that wish to run Linux as their host OS. Performance has been reported to be better but that may be dependent on your hardware. I wouldn't do this without a minimum of 32GB of RAM and at least an 8 core CPU. i.e. Two monitors Run a Radeon card on your Linux host OS - I believe Vulkan support is there now. Who cares, you are usi
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