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  1. #125734 South Carolina Better late than never!
  2. Here's the LAU 118 launcher and AGM 88 loaded improperly on an external wing tank pylon. Here's the external wing tank pylon properly loaded with a wing tank.
  3. Just wanted to report that the pylon used for loading a LAU 118 launcher rail used for AGM 88's on stations 4 and 6 should be a MAU 12 weapons pylon and not a wing fuel tank pylon. No hurry, I know you guys have a full plate right now. Thanks.
  4. This mod is a keeper in my book. Once it is toggled on and off and you see the difference, it will be hard to discard it. Also seeing a very slight frame rate hit.
  5. You guys are correct on the usage of MSAA x2 or x4. When I first started my long journey of setting up my G2, I kept seeing other folks suggesting not using any MSAA. I guess it looked good on their systems, but not mine. Buildings on the other side of the airfield at Nellis looked pretty distorted. When I added in MSAA, the surroundings looked much better. My GPU is a 2080 super and with 54% resolution, I get in the neighborhood of 43 to 60 fps depending on my altitude. Nevada is the best map for VR, and Syria needs some work to run smooth on my setup.
  6. Thanks for the sale prices ED!! Picked up the F-18 to help ease the lock down. Wooooo!!!:thumbup:
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