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  1. They sometimes post information (albeit not much on updates), but are pretty active on their discord.
  2. What xvii-Dietrich said... I wish we could get some kind of update- like at least an assurance that the Bo is considered an official WIP for the team... It sure will be interesting to see a fully rigid rotor system (the Mi-8 is fully articulating, correct?) and what kind of awesome maneuverability we can see in the Bo.
  3. Not necessarily. A lot of contractors keep options open for new potential customers, and being that they aren't a primary distributor (such as Boeing for OEM parts, materials and support) they may not have direct customer interaction from the onset of a contract with the manufacturer. Not every country operates in the same way or capacity as the US DoD.
  4. So looking at here and on FB, it looks as if Polychop has gone radio silent for the last 3 weeks. I'm almost wondering if we're now in the home stretch and they've gotten the module to Bell QA and it's nearly there...? It would be oh so spectacular if they announce it's release before the end of Feb. Wishful thinking I know, but the quiet could be a really good thing, or a really bad thing.
  5. This is from December, but details some of what they're willing to disclose on progress:
  6. Casmo did an interview with Sven from Polychop back on 12/20/2020 (Here). If you don't want the full 30min video the basic rundown was that yes, they delayed from their anticipated Dec (ish) 2020 hope for release, but they had some delays that couldn't be avoided. He then went on to say that the flight model is about 95% complete, and they are still working on other things for it (keeping it very hush hush). He said they won't estimate a completion date yet, but after they do finish it still needs to go to Bell for QA (to make sure they approve of it). Once it's there that process can take any
  7. +1 for the Pavelow model, either the H or J variant (if they could even swing it with how some of the penetrator systems are most likely classified). It's basically the American version of the Mi-8, except way better, and way cooler. The 53 would definitely make troop transport, especially behind enemy lines, much more exciting than the UH-1 (not saying I don't love the UH-1, but if they're going to have the OH-58 and AH-64, why not allow troop transport to be up-to-date as well?).
  8. I kind of figured that. I'd be up for it if it wasn't that level of difficulty. Doesn't have to be perfect, but yeah.
  9. Between time learning and my utter lack of artistic nature whatsoever, I'm not up to the task myself. I am loving flying the F-16 with my home state's livery (the CO ANG livery available in the user files- there's 3). They posted a few months ago, a really neat picture of their "Aggressor" livery, and I would love to have it in DCS. Are there any talented skin creators that feel up to the challenge? I've been told to do it myself, but the one time I tried to even modify a skin, I screwed it up royally. Thanks in advance.
  10. With the flak that ED is receiving for the F-16, I can't blame Polychop one bit for going for a full release. Patience is a virtue. And a complete module is not a bad thing at all. Can't wait! I'm very excited for this to come to life.
  11. Could it really have been so easy? Yes, yes it was! Much thanks, friend! :thumbup:
  12. So I just picked up the F-16C this week and have been learning it. But I just downloaded a few skins and it doesn't seem to want to load them into the game. Am I missing something? I download from user files, unzip the file, copy the folder into C:\User Files\[user]\Saved Games\DCS\Liveries\F-16C\ I load up the game, go to any various method of changing the skin of my plane, and the only one showing is the default. Am I missing something? Did I mess something up? Thanks in advance.
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