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  1. Hello to all Maybe there is still some retro fan of the legendary SSI Su-27 :). I have a question regarding the MFD in the cockpit. I remember that there was a patch, which deleted the name of the locked aircraft on the MFD. It was a welcomed realistic patch. I lost it somewhere and I can not find it on the web. Anybody out there who maybe have it ? It was a few Kb file. Thanks Regards
  2. Hello to all Just as a curiosity I found this video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SokBfoIOiFg&t=2046s where is possible to see at time 33:57 the HUD of an advanced Mig-29 (probably SMT or Mig-35) with a locked target and a range scale for the RVV-AE missile (R-77). Correct me but I see the shooting marks at around 20 km......not really impressive. Maybe it is in a training mode and these values do not represent the real values. br
  3. Hi First I would like to thank the developers for the continuing development and improvement of DCS and its aircraft features. Really, hats off. It's too easy to find mistakes or to complain too much about some issues, when the whole product is so complex. Personally I found the added feature in the Russian planes of switching the MFD from being a HUD repetitor to a tactical display (more or less) a very realistic addition, which I think that the "Russian plane" lovers missed. One more feature that you could possibly address in the future is the operation of the RWR in general. Once
  4. Please check this very interesting video from a joint Bulgarian-Serbian military exercise. You will see Serb Mig-29 firing AA-8 missile. My attention was caught from 15:35 on when the antiaircraft missiles were shot. I was not aware that these missiles are so manoeuvrable, at least if you observe their smoke trails, their motion is impressive. They are basically chasing, not intercepting their targets, at least it looks like that. I thought their pattern would be much more straightforward with little or none sudden change in directions. Here it doesn't seem to be the case. What do you th
  5. Hello again Ok, let's go in a visual way. :). I attached two trk files, one in simulation and one in game mode. Easy to picture, when the Flanker comes in shooting range in game mode, beside the PR symbol on the HUD, you get also an audio notice-tone (launch authorized). Viceversa in Simulation mode you don't get it. The youtube link is just to demonstrate that this audio warning really exists in Russian aircrafts. Best Regards And I in turn have absolutely no idea what you are referring to :) And no, YouTube videos are useless when it comes to bug reporting - I do not bothe
  6. Hi again. Ok, maybe I was not clear in pointing this issue as a bug not as a "wish list". When in "Game" mode, we actually get the PR sound notice. I would assume it would be ok to have this feature available also in the "Simulation" mode. Thanks:)
  7. PR sound Hi One remark. Is it possible to implement the PR (pusk razreshon) voice comand for russian aircrafts ? This is from real life (Serbian Mig-29 on exercise in Bulgaria at 6:50 and 9:50): I think it will be a great realistic addition. Thanks :smartass:
  8. Yes, your explanation seems reasonable....Anyway it was a Hungarian Mig-29
  9. RWR would not detect the launch itself, but is would trigger the missile launch warning when the enemy change from rws/tws to STT and when the signal in STT would cross a treshold regarding the strength (distance parameter). :smartass:
  10. FanBoy2006 ; Yes, it should be like GGTharos wrote in short: STT+range=launched missile warning, regardless if the missile had been fired or not. GGTharos; I fully understand that there is little possibility to see this feature in FC, but i really hope that ED or the poeple who will or are working on future projects will have this feature underlined, at least to crosscheck with other sources. I believe that you can get in contact with reliable sources far easier than i can :) and, as i said, it would be something "new" in PC Flight Simulations and would deeper the reality factor even more.
  11. As i said i just wanted to share the info that i got from a source (pilot) that should be "quite reliable" :) It would be just "nice to have", of course we can live without that, FC is still a great game. This info maybe useful for some future patch or new project, because it would be the the first one to have this feature, at least as i remember, no pc-based flight sim has this feature that apparently is true. :thumbup:
  12. Yes, exactly like that. Maybe i didn't write it correctly. Of course the enemy must be in STT mode (lock on) and then the RWR will trigger the warning( when the signal in STT is strong enough) regardless if the missile was fired or not. Of course in search mode will not trigger anything. Probably, but this is my guess, when the AMRAAM goes active the RWR will sound the missile warning signal.... :smartass:
  13. Hallo to all As you probably know last weekend in Kecskemet was a huge aero miting and there was also the possiblity to seat and take a photo in the cockpit of a Mig-29 and to spend few words with the present pilots. As i know there was once a thread regarding how the SPO Berzoya really works, it was a debate if the additional pitch tone of missile launced at the aircraft is made when the enemy really fires at you or it is just a matter of signal strength (distance). I asked this and the answer was that the RWR makes the additional signal (missile launch warning) when the signal strength
  14. Hello I have one question. In Flanker series there was the audio saying "Pusk razreshon" when you were in shooting range with Flanker. Is there some third pary or official patch to get this sound in Flaming cliffs 2.0? It would be just a nice addition, since i read that this feature is real in actual russian planes. :thumbup:
  15. Just today i found on youtube this very nice video from a cockpit of a Mig-29, nevertheless, the CRT is shown during working (close combat mode with IRST). Great video. It is a little bit off topic, but very rarely is possible to see these details. :thumbup:
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