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  1. This is very strange. Since the last big update a headless pilot is inhabiting the Black shark. Unfortunately his body is in the way of switches I need to access to start up. This is very frustrating and I can find no solution to the problem. If anyone can show me a workaround, I would be most grateful.:megalol:
  2. Thanks Boltz, looks very interesting. Is there only support for the A-10 or can you switch aircraft? Also is it relatively easy to set up? I'm 72 but still flying.
  3. Sorry, not sure what you are referring to.
  4. I am not the brightest star in the universe when it comes to computing. I am desperately trying to set up my pc and Ipad for the "Touch control interface. However I am floundering under pages of text and have no idea what to do next. So far I have got the Touch control admin set up and Trying to figure out the Touch control server. I also purchased the "IrCommand2, Autohotkey,and IrTrans" but have no idea where the actually reside. If any kind pilot would care to enlighten me in simple terms, step by step, I would gladly send him a Christmas card in due course.:helpsmilie::helpsmilie::helpsmilie:
  5. Well thanks all you "Aces", obviously too lowly a question, worthy of your time?
  6. Mustang takeoff Sorry if this is in the wrong place or has already been covered. When I try to take off in game mode, engine running; after releasing brake and increasing throttle, the plane won't move. Please, I'm no master of the sky,:helpsmilie: just want to toottle around and shoot the guns, then land.
  7. Oculus drift Moonlight, noticed this item on your list of accessories and wondered what you thought of it. Also what it cost. Mike
  8. I have lock On and Flaming Cliffs 3 installed within world. How do I fly the planes that are in Lock On ?
  9. Three times I have re-installed The World and all the planes and each time the AC-10 is completely transparent in cockpit view. Also, in outside view, it has sunk into the runway. Has anyone else come across this problem ? If so, how or what did you do to solve it?
  10. I didn't see any checksums? What do they look like?
  11. The only module that actually starts and runs Is Black Shark and that's the version where you have to have the original game and buy the upgrade. My graphic card is an Ati radeon Hd 5800 it's old but adequate. Just finished "Tom Clancy's Future soldier" without a single glitch. Also 8 gig ram. I'm sure that the fault is in a corrupt download but having paid for each module I'm pretty pissed, the game crashes without ever getting to the planes. Looking at your stats Jesus! with that setup you should be able to fly the computer.
  12. Well that was a complete waste of time. Deleted everything from Dcs world, started fresh install, but same problem. Ac-10 will start on runway but the cockpit is still transparent. Trying P51 and Blackshark, the game just says there is a problem and that's all she wrote. I wish somebody would help me here?
  13. Are you including everything in saved games and in documents too?
  14. What a crock of crap Jesus, everything was flying ok, then along came World! installed the first version and A10 P51, no problem. Now along comes World version 2, terrific, installed it, zilch nothing worked, wouldn't even start game. Ok, so realised should have uninstalled version World 1 first, (though there were no instructions to do so) Anyway, went ahead and duly installed World 2 to a clean pa:mad:lete, then all my aircraft, so far so good! First mission in Warthog transparent cockpit, same in all the training missions too. Tried the P51 , nothing game crashed every time before loading finished. So far spent about 75 quid on this game and I'm about to go back to Sturmovik 1946, at least it worked!
  15. Ok, I sorted out the files and finally installed the update, Good news ! Now the launcher doesn't work and I cannot play the game, Bad news.
  16. DCS World 1.2.1 Just downloaded the four files, placed them into one folder. When I ran set up it got so far and then asked me for disk 2 ? I was unable to continue setup!:cry:
  17. Yes, thanks. Have now retried and have successfully installed the World, A-10C and P51. I think this will do for now, as I never got the hang of flying that Shark. One last query, the P51 doesn't recognize my Warthog throttle and so no take off. It works perfectly in A-10C, rather odd. Any suggestions?
  18. Yes, I'm sure that is where I have erred, been trying to install Black Shark and then apply all the updates I had. However, Black shark original version is required for the 1.0.2 update, so do I install it into World and patch it there?
  19. Ok, after three separate tries I cannot get DCS World to open after installing A-10C and Black shark into that folder.
  20. Ok, that's plain enough. Then do I start the game by clicking the world icon or using the icons for Black shark and A10 c ?
  21. I am just reinstalling Black shark and A10c into "The World". My version of Black shark is 101, so when I go to the updates I don't see how to get from Patch 102 to the latest version. Also are these patches for the new version of Black shark 2 or the original? Getting somewhat confusing. Is there a patch guide? I cannot find anything.:helpsmilie:
  22. Sorry if this has already been covered. Do I need to reinstall Black Shark and A10c into the World folder?
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