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  1. Yes thanks guys. Not sure why I over reacted. It was obviously easy to rectify.
  2. Why the hideous music at start up, blaring in my ears through headphones. Who's stupid Idea was this? How do I turn in off for ever?:pain:
  3. Sorry just got back from paragliding trip. Thanks for all the suggestion, however, nothing as changed.Dcs.World 1.5 still flies flawlessly, open alpha still has the problem. Consequently no longer use it now.
  4. After some few years with this sim, I decided to give the mission editor a go and make a few missions of my own. Less than successful! Having followed the tutorials and read the manual, nowhere could I find how to make myself the pilot. I know, another noob. Started with just a simple "take off,:helpsmilie: fly to way points and then landing" However when the mission began It was being flown by A1. Please anyone just nudge me to the answer.
  5. Using the warthog hotas and flying in Dcs 1.5, I have no problems whatsoever. The controls work flawlessly. Flying Dcs world open alpha, something is definitely amiss. The throttle throws the plane to one side and I have found it almost impossible to complete anything. I have trimmed the rudder, pitch and the wings, put in deadzones, this as not helped. Is anyone else having this problem? and if so, please tell me what you did to rectify.:helpsmilie:
  6. Thanks Guys, that did it. Found I wasn't holding the key down long enough! Right, on with the show!!!!!
  7. I found that in the campaign for F 15 c in Flaming Cliffs and the mission called "Bear Trap", nothing up front works. I can start the engines and take off but then nothing else works. There does not seem to be any controls for switching on electrics. the radar will not switch on and I'm flying blind. Is this just a bug ? or am I missing something here?:helpsmilie:
  8. Start up cheat Don't know what I'm doing right this time but remapping worked. Thanks:thumbup:
  9. Ok, I know, but really cannot take time to go through the whole start up sequence and prefer the L/windows-home route. I recently bought a Cougar gaming keyboard which lacks the L/window key and in spite of using "Sharpkey" to remap, it didn't work within the game! If anyone has had a similar problem and knows of a solution, please, please let me know.:cry:
  10. Thanks for the quick and helpful reply. After installing games, I always put a shortcut on the desktop and never start anything from the start menu. So, voila, there it was and it worked perfectly. I now have both of the versions running, although for some reason the Nevada scenery has gone from incredible to dark and dingy? There is also black marks around the edges of the canopy. This is since the last big update.Has anyone else seen this happen and if so, what is the problem?:thumbup:
  11. repair Where in the installation is this link you call repair? I haven't found any such link. Both Alpha and Beta refuse to load since the latest update. I just have gigabytes of games that don't work at all. And I might add, very expensive too.
  12. Yes ,"Old Guy" I do follow you. Whenever I assign a new action I always delete the multiple entries. I mean, that I often see that an axis action is put on all the three connected controllers, joystick, throttle and rudder. Why it does this is beyond me. By the by, I'm 73, and still paragliding, that's real flying but not as complicated!
  13. How Thanks for your replies, however how can this happen? I know exactly how to set my axes and always delete the assignments that are set across the three pieces of hardware, Joystick, throttle and rudder, by the game itself.
  14. First, let me say that this massive update is mind blowing. However, I've found some peculiar behaviour taking place. Whenever I:joystick: apply speed or throttle back, the plane loses all control and I have to fight to maintain forward flight. It's like I was applying right rudder. This is happening on all the planes in Alpha. I fly with a warthog hotas, badly!
  15. Thanks guys, worked a friggin treat. All done and loving it!" Just a note, why didn't the "Expert" who replied to my ticket, reporting this, know anything about it and in fact said that I must have signed in with a different key?
  16. Have downloaded and installed 1.5 successfully, however after downloading my planes they would not install. Wrong version! The only version I see on the site are, they should be I am stuck and not getting any help after starting a ticket. Can anyone please confirm that there is indeed a later version, or have they yet to be unveiled
  17. I bought a boxed DCS black Shark some two years ago. Why doesn't it install and play without having to use Dcs world? I just want to fly around and blow up things with:cry:out all the rest of the setup. Which I have by the way. Although I can install it and it does show in the full game, the given serial is not accepted?
  18. Due to a computer glitch I have lost some of my license files, how can I retrieve them?
  19. This is my download list. Is anything wrong?
  20. :doh:DCS World update After hours downloading at snails pace due to living in rural france and following instructions to the letter,the game refuses to install. When I click the "exe" file, the process starts, then it states..." setup needs next disk", please insert disk1 and click ok. "If the files can be found in a folder other than the one displayed below, enter the correct path or click browse. All the files are in the one folder. What the hell can I do?
  21. Recently downloaded two files for Target script editor. A tmc file which was inputed, the other is a direct x key, I have no idea where this is supposed to go. Would some kind expert please help?:helpsmilie:
  22. Jib, have seen your setup and have decided to do the same. Unfortunately I am not having much luck setting it up. I have successfully set up the Admin but unable to use TouchControl because I cannot enable the IRCommand2 interface. I have bought the upgrade but don't know how to enable it. I also bought the IRTrans and Autohotkey, God knows where they reside. Would you be so kind and give me some pointers in the right direction before I throw my ipad in the bin. Thanks in anticipation.
  23. Why would I need Arduino2DCS? This is kind of expensive. Is it absolutely necessary.
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