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  1. Same problem here. It works fine until DCS is running.
  2. Ok, I will check it. In the log files I can see a couple of these: 2021-06-08 21:48:35.845 ERROR EDCORE: Can't open file 'bazar/shaders/enlight/clouds.fx.' from fs 2021-06-08 21:48:35.845 WARNING DX11BACKEND: Shader enlight/clouds.fx:DIRECTX11=true;RAYMARCH_BY_DOWNSAMPLED_NEARFAR_1_4;USE_DCS_DEFERRED=1; is outdated as file bazar/shaders/enlight/clouds.fx is modified. 2021-06-08 21:48:35.869 ERROR EDCORE: Can't open file 'bazar/shaders/enlight/clouds.hlsl.' from fs 2021-06-08 21:48:35.869 WARNING DX11BACKEND: Shader enlight/clouds.fx:DIRECTX11=true;RAYMARCH_BY_
  3. Since the last update, as the title says. I could play different missions quick or not, but wen I play this campaign, randomly, at the begging or close to the attack point, the computer completely crashed. I had deletedcs.logd Metashaders, Fxo, and Temp folder, repair the installation. No mods, no GPU overclocking. Doesn’t matter I get the crash every time. dcs 1.log
  4. I've had a crash every time I'll try to run a mission in a Campaign, "Enemy within 3.0", "The warth of thunder", "Mirage 2000 Red Flag". Sometimes at the beginning, at the end, absolutely random. Deleted metacache, shadercache, metashaders2, temp, and script folders, run slow repair, that allows me to run quick missions without a problem, for a couple of days but nothing works for the campaigns. It doesn’t matter if you OC your GPU, or run mods. Hadn't these problems with the version, so I tried to “retro update” with Skate Zilla, but now we cannot do that, with the 2.7.
  5. I had the same problem. I shoot down the plane and went back to Nelis. The next mission also has a problem too... You had to hold short in runway 03 until a plane takes off but no plane came.
  6. I’ve wait until 1:50 and yes, Reaper taxies,... But on wp3 once again the rest of the group is unable to keep the formation (Reapers orbits about 400 kts, after pulling afterburners) so the mission gets stuck here.
  7. It was populated during the game until the last update. I don’t know why it has changed. I’ve solved the crashes deleting this folder, the fxo and repairing, now I’m lost. Same kind of crashes, problems with DX11, “shaders” folder. But no way to fix them.
  8. I've had the same problems randomly. Cancelled all mods, newest Nvidia drivers, no GPU overclocking, complete repair, none of them solved the problem. The only thing that solved it was deleteing fxo and metashader2 (when the game is running) folder in saved games dcs folder.
  9. Hi. With 2.7 there is no possibility to ask for startup on carriers, so no wingman in missions Any alternative?
  10. Same problem here. Reach WP2 in formation, began to orbit, the F15 who are supposed to ground attack lost contact with the package, so no flares from the leader to began the attack. Thanks.
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