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  1. Thanks Flappie, agree it wasn't you , nailed down the actual bug.
  2. To be super-specific, what the code does at the point it errors is -- Weather data from mission file. local weather=env.mission.weather post which the data is decomposed. Since in the given time window the weather is empty (nil) it stops working, which should not be the case. Thanks.
  3. Whilst playing around with the Moose ATIS class, I noticed that at night between 0AM and 3AM the env.mission.weather string is empty. This is true for the PG and Syria Map, and hence likely for all other maps, too! Thanks to Thrud for reporting to the Moose discord.
  4. Hi Not sure if this has been "officially" fixed by now :) but after the last OB drop, the F14 can use the ACLS again (thank you for that!!) with the carriers. However, most of the time, the Tomcat goes "long" and lands slightly behind the wires, I'd say in 5/6 cases I tried. Great module, love it!
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