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  1. What you are doing with the F35 looks amazing. Very excited about the B in particular as it will completely change carrier warfare over the next 30 years. The QE will be epic!!!! 

  2. New progress update on YouTube now: Includes the touchscreen PCD progress, F-35B VTOL, FLIR addition (although not shown yet) and more, enjoy!
  3. Sadly not because the HMD is locked behind the SDK which only 3rd parties get access to
  4. If your trying to make it a separate mod it'll take a lot more than you probably think. If you want it this way I'm more than happy to make it happen. But if you just want to replace the P-51D then you can just replace the shape, liveries and textures in the coremods.
  5. We are making a HMS Queen Elizabeth for the B, so we’ll consider adding the CVN-78 as another asset for the Americans :smilewink:
  6. Yes there will be one but it won’t come along with the VSN models since they never made one for it however our team are working hard to make as many liveries as possible for the A and B VSN models. There will be one with our own models.
  7. We hope to make the touchscreen interactable and show the data on the screens as it does in real life
  8. Previews of the mods exterior and cockpit
  9. Welcome to the F-35 A/B/C Community Mod! This is a project I have been focusing on for 6 months now along with the second developer Speedracer. We aim to bring you the best simulation of the F-35 possible despite the classification of the 5th generation fighter, we still aim to have a realistic flight model, weapons and even some systems. We push on coding the PCD (panoramic cockpit display), clickable cockpit functions and polishing off the flight model to try and release the A variant by early 2021. Huge thank you to everyone on livery team, community managers and Fox2 Productions for making an awesome trailer for the mod buildup. Your continued support means a lot to us so thank you as well. Check out the mod trailer: Be sure to join our discord to receive more frequent updates and get involved with the community: https://discord.gg/zWc58Hu Features Clickable Cockpit Custom Systems Carrier Capable STOVL Functionality Custom Flight Model 1. Will it have a clickable cockpit? Yes all variants will have their own, clickable cockpit 2. Do they have their own models? At the initial release the A and B will use the VSN models since this allows us to focus on the systems. However the C will have its own exterior model. After a stable version is out we will focus on replacing the models with our own. 3. What will the flight model be like? We're hope to get it as close to real life as possible, however with all the data classified it won't be inch perfect. 4. Is it free? Yes it will be free! 5. Do we need FC3 or any modules? The mod will be standalone so no modules will be needed. 6. Will the B have STOVL capabilities? Yes that will be implemented into the flight model. 7. When will it be released? We’re hoping for the A to be released early 2021, however please be patient as we’re trying to make it the best it can be.
  10. Same here, would like this for my mods
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