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  1. i am using dcs-bios from https://github.com/DCSFlightpanels/dcs-bios Browserplugin Install Google Chrome Chrome -> "Settings" -> "More Tools" -> "Extensions", check "Developer mode" Click "Load unpacked extension..." and choose your "C:\Users\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts\DCS-BIOS\doc" folder A new extension "DCS-BIOS Control Reference Live Preview" will be visible under "Apps". Exit "Settings" Start DCS, load a Mission and jump in a Plane Click "Apps" in your Browser. Your DCS-BIOS extension be there. From there you can see the controls change as you fly and manipulate the cockpit.
  2. I always look first in the Arduino ide on the serial monitor and then on the terminal output from dcs-bios. You must see in booth something. There's a Browser-Plugin to check the communication between dcs and dcs-bios. If you soldering the Poti perhaps the pin is broken internal. Gesendet von meinem Pixel 3 XL mit Tapatalk
  3. it's best to use the circuit diagram in the first post as a guide. The image under the text: Mine runs a single Master and a single communication line. The initial idea was that I wanted to stress test the communication. I so far have about 23 Slaves running on that single line. I have set up my circuit 1: 1 and it works without problems. I wish you success ! Gesendet von meinem Pixel 3 XL mit Tapatalk
  4. Thank you for the information and fast reply Gesendet von meinem Pixel 3 XL mit Tapatalk
  5. Vielleicht für den einen oder anderen interessant. Ich habe Multimonitor, dcs-bios mit max487 und einer jf-17 am laufen. Wie ich das hinbekommen habe steht hier: https://github.com/shadowframe/jf17_multimonitor Fragen bitte im Thread https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=265870 um diesen hier sauber zu lassen. Alternativ discord shadowframe#7916
  6. Dank der Hilfe von Warlord habe ich dcs-bios zum laufen gebracht mit der JF-17. Gleichzeitig nutze ich ein Multimonitorsetup mit zwei Bidschirmen und bin dabei mir mit DCS-BIOS und dem max487 meine Hardwareschalter etc... per Master und Slave einzubinden. Dabei habe ich mich quer durch glaube ich sämtliche Dokumentationen gehangelt. für mich selbst erstelle ich mir laufend eine README wo ich mir das wichtigste zusammenfasse. Die möchte ich hiermit mit der Community teilen: https://github.com/shadowframe/jf17_multimonitor
  7. I have built the circuit as described. However, I can only program the slaves if the 487 is not on the socket and I can only see general communication in the shell when the dcs is running. The slaves don't communicate with the master. Images of the build https://imgur.com/gallery/ydAW2gI Ok, solution : bad breakout board at Arduino mega But one problem, can't upload a sketch on the slave with usb. Only if I remove the 487 from the socket :(
  8. Thanks for the fast response and the great tutorial. Soldering like an amateur, my connection for the first two slaves
  9. You wrote: In each side console I have a connection box where the individual panels connect into.... There you draw 5 different lines. But the other image before have only 4 lines. I don't really understand the difference. But great explained!
  10. vote for it. I create the right panel at the moment for the HUD (next to the aap) . As next step i start the instruments and exterior lights :) My first project with mmjoy for the many many buttons and BU0836X 12-Bit Joystick Board.
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