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  1. Yep, avionics coding has already commenced
  2. Here's a shot of the vertical stab so far... As always the model and textures are very much a WIP. Decals are just placeholders until I can find/make better ones. Cheers, Alex
  3. Hey guys, We are currently looking for SMEs to join our private Discord channel. If you have worked directly, or indirectly with the A-7, please join our Discord and send me (Alex) a PM. I'm also hoping to post some more WIP images soon Cheers, Alex -Edit- You know what, I'll share one now
  4. We have not decided yet but it's unlikely we will be creating the D model. Whilst the D and E share a lot of similarities, it would require pretty much remodelling the entire cockpit and a good chunk of the exterior model, then coding all the different systems and changes in FM. A simple matter of easier said than done But again, it's not something we have decided yet. I've been working on an almost complete overhaul on the cockpit these last couple of weeks. Here is a pic of the progress so far.
  5. Thanks for the feedback guys. Here's a WIP of the Radar Beacon panel for y'all
  6. DCS A-7E Update! Today we'd also like to ask for your thoughts and feedback: In what condition do you prefer to see the cockpit in DCS? Dirty, worn and aged? Immaculate, fresh from the factory? Or somewhere in between? https://flyingironsimulations.com/blogs/news/dcs-a-7e-development-update-2021
  7. Hey guys, We hope everyone had a great holiday break and a happy New Year! It aint much, but it should keep you going a little longer... WIP tail hook assembly.
  8. I am encountering a lot of normal issues when exporting with a 100:1 scale using the latest build & Max 2020. 100:1- 1:1-
  9. I've got just the thing... Trying out a new texturing technique. I think it works pretty well
  10. Hey guys, A small update on the art - spent many days fixing bugs that corrupted a lot of meshes, I've added some more panels, started working on the refueling probe & added more details across the board. Now to go in and redo many of the rivets... In regards to the forum section, I have spoken to ED and we agreed that it would be better to wait a while longer until we are further into development before we have a section. Please feel free to join our discord channel (link in my bio) - we have a great community and we are very active within it. Cheers, Alex
  11. Work continues... You may notice less screws and rivets in these pics - I'm just slowly replacing them with more optimized versions (they're tiny, they don't need a lot of polys!).
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