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  1. Attached simple mission file that spawns the helipad when you fly over it. Attached track files for mission, tested. Attached logs. __Helipad_Spawn_Test.miz dcs.log Helipad_Spawn_Test-20200927-165903-client.trk server-20200927-165607.trk
  2. Heyo I have a basic script we're testing for Dynamic FARP spawns -in this case, single helipads. The method for spawn, uses the addGroup Command as written below: (Thanks to Grimes for finding the specifics the spawn command) Anyway, this all works fine in single player, and for the server-player in a non-dedicated context. But when we are testing in MP, clients cannot see or interact with the pad. [YOUTUBE]DPxnMvjNqZw[/YOUTUBE] I've included two screenshots below of what the client sees when the server-player is landed on the pad. I've also included the two track files for
  3. Hi Guys! Long time lurker, first time poster etc. I was making some skins for the cat and noticed that the textures disappeared when I zoomed out a sufficient distance. See comparison shots attached. It's not entirely obvious with the normal cats because it's a grey skin to grey texture, but with the chrome cat and any brightly coloured skin it stands out. Version is, repeatable by zooming out sufficiently on any tomcat. Graphics settings didn't appear to affect it, although I didn't turn textures below high. Image 7 is a comparison with a hornet zoomed out much further -
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