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  1. I would be very happy if it also for the helicopter UH-1H there would be a NS 430 navigation system it is possible to use it but only with pop-up window but that is not to need in VR and very cumbersome. A NS 430 navigation system like in SA342 Gazelle would be very helpful. Thank you.
  2. I'm sure whoever flies this helicopter will like it, and the helicopter will also find many friends. It convinces by its precision in flight and leaves a very good feeling and has a unique reaction in flight, it was also built especially for this purpose. That is why I am voting for the construction of the EC-635.
  3. Ok then we agree on the model EC-635, with this model it would be fine. Therefore I put the model EC-635 on my wish list. It is good if several model helicopters are built in DCS. Who will help with his vote for the Model EC-635 ? Thanks for your help
  4. There are also EC135 helicopters in the military not only civilian - that is no excuse not to build the EC135. Your excuse does not fit. You are twisting my words I didn't say the DCS should turn away from the military I also said to consider several directions, that's a difference.
  5. It's always just the same demand for war helicopters other users with different needs are simply not considered and this is not okay, DCS only moves in one direction although there are several directions. As for helicopters, DCS is very weak and offers little choice. Concerning the Eurocopter license I have to ask how did DCS manage to get the other licenses? I think there is always a way if you really want it. I understand that it takes time, but I do not understand that it is impossible.
  6. It would be fine if at least the EC135 module was available. I would have bought it immediately, this helicopter makes sense, it was built especially for this purpose and is known for its perfection, I have flown it in X-Plane, this fantastic feeling of landing and the precision this helicopter has deserves to be bought. The EC145 is too modern and would reduce the actual learning of self-flying, but the EC135 fits perfectly. @Northstar98 That's why I say yes, it's time for change, why not build in rescue missions? There are many people who would be interested in something like this, and
  7. You have just contradicted yourself, the military actually has EC135 in its program. Obviously you only have shooting and nothing else, there are other people with other needs, not only you. The picture that was posted proves it. the DCs has become very monotonous in the long run Uninteresting Besides, I'm not talking about UH-72 or EC145, don't twist the subject. Here one lives only in a black and white world, that is very sad this view [uSER=107586]razo+r[/uSER] That's how I see it too,at least the Ec135 module I would buy EC135 immediately, because it makes sense, EC145 is a bit t
  8. I do not understand why there is no helicopter like the EC135 in the DCS? It is a wonderful helicopter and can be flown very well, other simulators offer this helicopter for a long time, also special missions like the medical emergency service are offered. There are also other missions which are not always related to weapons and shooting, why do you always have to shoot? I have not found a topic for wishes here and therefore I would like to see this wonderful helicopter EC135 on my wish list and consider it. The DCS always goes in one direction around the war, which makes it uninterestin
  9. Alita

    Mission Editor

    Ok verstehe, gibt es etwas ähnliches stattdessen als ersatz...?
  10. Alita

    Mission Editor

    Kann jemand mir sagen wie das möglich ist das im Missions Editor oder Missionen am PC zb. Hilfs tore usw. angezeigt werden aber am Server nicht? Irgendwie unverständlich..
  11. Alita

    Mission Editor

    Hm ne geht leider auch nicht.
  12. Alita

    Mission Editor

    Hallo Ich versuche gerade herauszufinden warum in der Mission einfach die Trigger nicht Arbeiten wollen, und zwar habe ich für jedes Flugzeug u. Heli alles extra definiert (Teile aus Gruppe in Zone)aus dem Grunde weil jeder Pilot extra seine werte und seinen Sound Hören und lesen sollte und nicht alle von jedem. Wenn ich nun Teile der Koalition in Zone machen würde dann würde es Funktionieren aber dann hören und lesen wieder alle alles voneinander und genau das sollte ja nicht sein. Ich hab schon einiges Durchprobiert komme da aber im Moment nicht weiter, jemand eine Idee woran es lie
  13. Danke für die nette Hilfe, ja manchmal ist es furchtbar erklärt. Du hast den Ordner unter Saved Games/DCS.openbeta_server einfach Kopiert und an gleicher stelle mit neuem namen neu eingefügt und angepasst? das verstehe ich jetzt so richtig oder? Mich wundert das man dazu den Haupt Ordner unter C: Programme/Eagle Dynamics/DCS World OpenBeta Server nicht machen muss?. Die serverSettings.lua hast Du die neu angelegt? Ich kann in der lua nur ["port"] = 10308, finden nicht aber ["webgui_port"] = 8080, . Danke..
  14. Ausführen als steht aber nicht unter Eigenschaften in der dcs.exe Datei? Über die Spielinstalation ? Ich fürchte da liegst Du falsch es ist ein dedicated server.
  15. Eine weitere Map laufen zu lassen währe sehr vom vorteil gewesen, ja umständlich würde ich so nicht sagen eher umständlich erklärt das trifft es eher, wenn man jemanden das richtig schritt für schritt erklärt klappt es auch. In eine dcs.exe datei müsste das –server –norender -w instance1 hinzugefügt werden allerdings nur sagen mann muss das hinzufügen aber nicht sagen wie man das hinzufügt ist in meinen Augen eine halbe Sache und für mich nicht wirklich verständlich eher gegenteilig. Es müsste so aussehen : :\program files\eagle dynamics\dcs world\bin\dcs.exe” –server –norender -w ins
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