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  1. That’s the same for me. I start thinking it’s some setting of SteamVR with DCS. Maybe motion smoothing in SteamVR? I keep it forced in order to achieve 45 stable fps and it worked pretty well til version 1.17.7. I’ll give a try later...
  2. After last beta update of Windows Mixed Reality for steamvr to 1.3.6, everytime i launch DCS it keeps crashing SteamVR. I had to switch back to 1.17.7 in order to play regularly. Anyone experiencing this? My spec: Ryzen 5 5600x rtx 3080 32gb ram HP reverb G2
  3. Mission 13 SEAD bugs i think... Submarine is invisible to a/g radar in sea mode while you can tgt it in map mode with scs right. In FLIR camera you can spot it only in CCD while it becomes invisible ir white hot or black hot. Point track mode failing lock and you have to target mav manually... maybe the mission need some fix after last patch. @baltic_dragon
  4. I sorted this switching weapons in sms page. Going back to mavs and choosing pre mode then selecting tgp as soi, made seeker point exactly where tgp do. I think it's an issue not already reported...
  5. Maybe reconsidering start time mission could be an option. What about dusk time for speedboat contact?
  6. Yup. Played mission last night and i think it’s correlated with new spotting introduced by ED in last OB patch. NVG’s are pretty unuseful, everything is greenish, and speedboat are too small to be spotted. For the Iranian corvette tgp with ground radar can help you to lock Mav. Returning to base i asked for a drink but for some reason Texaco don’t allow my Pre-contact while wing man, with F10 orders, takes it. I think this mission need some rework as for visibility because, especially in VR, is almost unplayable. @baltic_dragon
  7. @Khopa just hosted a coop session with my friends. Everything worked fine until i had to close mission when i realized no "accept results" was highlighted in dcs liberation and i manually couldn't find any state.json file to save progress. Is there a correct procedure to close a multiplayer session i missed? What should i do when everyone landed? I opened mission in ME and saved, closed ME and then i launched mission in multyplayer... as i said everything looked like as planned in dcs liberation UI. It was a bit frustrating missing all the good stuff we did...
  8. Cause F version need IR acquisition. Targeting pod just point the seeker of the Maverick on the right spot but you need the seeker to lock on target in order to hit it. Have you tried lasing E version?
  9. I found what caused my issues... it was my Oculus Tray Tool game profile. For some reason launching the game without it game runs perfectly and i can spawn without problem both single player and multiplayer reenabling make issues reappear. I set pixel density to 1,5 in game and looks nice as in OTT. I don't know how manage ASW and lock fps btw... Looking for something alternative. Do you have some suggestion @BIGNEWY?
  10. I completely unistalled Oculus software and all Oculus folder as suggested on Oculus support and installed back again. Checked every single advise by Oculus about Rift black screen and tried again with DCS. It was just like before... when i try to spawn looks like for a millisecond energy went cut to usb causing headset to crash. As I stated earlier this didn’t occur on stable 2.5.5 but only in Openbeta...that’s really annoying cause if this continue I won’t be able to enjoy supercarrier module i bought recently.
  11. I’ll give a try for sure... but why 2.5.5 stable isn’t affected by the same issues and i can run it properly?
  12. I tried disabling device hotplug in autoexec.cfg as you can see in this logs. Multiplayer spawn still crash my Rift (black screen and orange led) and random it still appears in SP. I entered and exited Missions and tutorials, sometimes crash happens immediately sometimes after 7/8 missions. Disabling device hotplug makes "Trackir unplugged/trackir plugged" disappear from screen but didn't sorted my troubles.... dcs.zip dcs (1).zip
  13. Hi BIGNEWY. In the last 2 days i got this strange issue on Openbeta. When entering a mission, both multiplayer or single player, my Rift S looks like disconnecting from usb and crash. Trackir unplugged/Trackir plugged appears on screen but i had to force game exit. It doesn't happen on Dcs World but only on open beta and no other VR games suffer this issue. I attach two game logs starting the same mission... Dcs world runs fine, Openbeta make my Rift to disconnect. I hope you can suggest me some solution... dcsbeta.zip dcs.zip
  14. Here it goes. Game didnt crash without deleting ImagesShop folder. Should i attach this log to my ticket too? dcs.zip
  15. Just to let you know BIGNEWY... New open beta didn't sorted the matter, still need to delete ImagesShop folder to made the game run. I'm followed by dev directly now after creating a ticket though. I'll give news as soon as something change... Have a nice day.
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