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  1. Hi everyone I just tried to load DCS but it came up with a message saying that a successful sign in needs to occur yet I have already signed in and I've been playing for a year now. I just started a slow repair to try and fix it. It also didnt load into DCS after clicking ok and also showed a message of every module etc. saying they wont work. Would be great if anyone could help
  2. nah I havent purchased any campaigns I was making my own mission, its working now for some reason
  3. they may have changed it recently in the new update because 2 weeks ago I tried with Winrar and it didnt work at all
  4. I'm pretty sure most I went onto redkite's video to make my own template and there was no way for me to access the mission lua files
  5. Is there anyway to create a deck template that changes through the mission like Redkite did with the new update and Lua files closed.
  6. Da Damn I was hoping to do a whole mission in the rio seat
  7. is the ai able to a/a refuel while im configuring things in the rio seat??
  8. is there is there any fix to it or is there something causing it to happen like the superbug mod??
  9. where abouts can you download it
  10. Hi everyone, I was wondering how to change the pilots skin and helmet and where to get the files to do so. I see all these great liveries with different colour flight suits and designs on the helmets
  11. Hi everyone, does anyone have or know where I'm able to find a template for a Carrier battle group or where I can get a good picture of one to use as I have not been able to find one. thanks
  12. hey I'm having this problem where I have AI aircraft come and land and they just randomly despawn, I don't want this to happen does anyone have any ideas would be greatly appreciated
  13. I tried doing this but the visor still has no texture at all still i copied the file out of the folder and changed the name and put back in am i suppose to delete the dds files that i copied out of the folder
  14. was wondering if anyone had a solution to this I dont know when it started but have only just noticed and has been annoying me a bit its only for the f18 and hasnt done it for any other aircraft
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