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  1. On my machine the general steam vr (res per eye) is set to 50% (2440x2188) with custom resolution multiplier for DCS set to 80%(2004x1956) using the "per application" video settings. PD set to 1.1 in DCS. Scenario is mostly single player with some hoggit multi thrown in but I wouldn't trust my settings to perform as well in heavily populated multiplayer or even single player missions.
  2. Power color red devil 5700xt. With DX11 mode disabled the frame time goes down the toilet and creates headset stutter when moving my head around in game. Enough stutter to make anyone sick. With DX11 on and G2 vr sampling at 80% / DCS PD at 1.1 I get 35 fps+ and no headset stutter.
  3. Good to know. Running with DX11 turned on is the only way I can fly in DCS at the moment so I guess i'll cross my fingers and hope for an update that fixes the problem sometime soon.
  4. Hey, so from what I understand it allows reprojection to be handled by the cpu instead of the gpu. With my reverb g2 I need to have this turned on unless I want a stuttery mess as it appears I'm maxing out my gpu.
  5. I've got it listed on facebook marketplace in my local town but figured i'd throw it up here as well.. So I ordered a warthog grip/base last year but shortly after it shipped I found a full virpil setup (used) locally and never got around to using the warthog like I thought I would.. It's new in box and never used. $sold
  6. If you're looking for the flight stick only i'm currently selling a brand new, never used warthog stick and base for $350. Still in its box.
  7. This map is almost like the Caucuses and The Persian Gulf had a baby.
  8. I'm actually getting good FPS in Syria with my rift s rarely dipping below 40. FPS in syria has been equal to or better than the fps I get in caucuses much of the time. Terrain textures at Medium and other textures set to high. Ryzen 5 3600 5700XT 32 GB ram
  9. My bad.. Simshaker for aviators is/was free but the sound module add on was 1700 rub or about $23.
  10. I've had the buttkicker for a few months and I love the thing. I've got it attached to the bottom of my "gaming" chair and coupled with VR it is incredibly immersive. The rumble actually went out on me briefly last night due to a software issue that I was having and sucked the immersion right out of the game for me. I'd buy another one in a heartbeat if this were to ever give up the ghost. You'll probably also want to buy simshaker for aviators software so you can make adjustments to the different systems in each aircraft. Well worth the small price for the software in my opinion.
  11. Damn. I was going to see if you were interested in my MongoosT-50 until I realized you weren't in the US. I just listed it on ebay. Anyways, I hope you're able to find a Virpil or get one from a restock soon!
  12. This is actually my current setup. I currently use a ryzen 5 3600, 5700 xt (red devil), 32 GB of 3600 ram and two 1 tb nvme drives and the game runs great. Over 100 fps easily on a 1440 superwide display. I do take a hit in fps because I primarily play in VR but easily hit 40 fps in vr after dumbing down some of the graphics.
  13. I'm also a noob and i'm going to be keeping an eye on this thread. I've been playing/learning the crap out of single player training missions for the past month but my buddy who is supposed to be learning with me (and just spent $500+ on his warthog setup) hasn't even thought about starting the game yet. At this point i'm fairly confident that the hotas he just bought is going to end up being a very expensive paper weight so I may also be looking for other noobs to fly (and learn) with very soon.
  14. I don't think this is specific to the warthog stick as this happens with my virpil grip w/warbird base as well. Pretty annoying
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